Art Deco Good news, Old man and Widower in 3-card Answer layout.

I shuffled the 52 Art deco fortune-telling cards while keeping a question in mind. My intention was to use the above 3-card Answer layout but I forgot to lay the cards accordingly. The image below of the cards is in a straight line but I will be read according to the positional meanings in the above image. Either way the card will provide some understanding which leads to some sort of answer. Follow me 🙂 

The Good news and Old man cards are not part of the typical Gipsy cards (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten).  The last card named Widow is actually the Widower and it is part the Gipsy style cards such as Beidermeier and Z. W. 

My question is an emotionally tough one. I wanted to know if a certain man will be ok when he gets back home (separated from woman since August). In other words, will the adjustment between the two people work out.

Thinking out loud. The opening card bring some false optimistic energy to this reading considering the Old man and Widower follow. Did you notice the two single men in the last two cards. One man is beaten down with age and experience while the other one is grieving what once was in his life – perhaps his younger years. I get a great sense of sadness with these cards.  The Old man if facing Good news (younger happy couple) and remembering a time they once had in their relationship. He is thinking that his return home will be viewed as good news. He has learned much (long beard) and is not able to stand on his own two feet in many ways like he did once upon a time. The last card shows him saying good-bye. Notice all the people in the three card face to the left (interpreted as the past in my style of reading). No one is looking to the future or at each other.  Something is definitely lost.

Positional interpretation: 

1. Past. Good News: Yes, good or positive news was received just recently but it is in the process of leaving as well.

2. Now. Old Man: The man is alone without the support of the person who shared the initial good news in the past. He is tired as you can see by the image. This card represents experience. It also represents the aging process either physically or mentally. He cannot take much more.

3. Answer. Widower: Keeping the question in mind the Widower is a single act. No, the man and woman will not be able to or want to make the adjustments. As a consequence he will not be ok. He is saddened by the experience. He will also need to put to resent any notion of recapturing what was. Everything has changed. This is depicted by the Old man card quite clearly.

I could not see anything promising or long-lasting as a result of his return home. Sometimes, when people separate they get a wake up call or are awoken from the cycle they once were involved in with another person.  People’s emotions fade and the bonds melt away. I truly wish him well.

Excuse any typos but I think you’ll get the gist of this reading .




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