Money. Judge. Ecclesiastic

Has it been that long since I have blogged? So much has been going with the health concerns surrounding a certain individual in the family that I have fallen behind in many of my on line activities.

Nevertheless, let’s explore the Hungarian Gipsy cards (mimic of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck) in this 3-card layout. I will correct myself and say strongly resemble instead of mimic. 🙂 I really do like this deck. The cards in the image are small because I trimmed the borders and the rounded the corners.

For all of you that need a question in order to read cards in a layout here it is: Will the exhibition be profitable?   


The opening card tell us this question has something to do with money, value or increase. If you didn’t know the question you probably would have figured that out. When I see the Judge card I always think of someone ‘going by the book’ so to speak. The situation will produce a profit based on the prices of the other vendors featuring the same items. The last card has been coming up in readings in my group Zigeuner Cards Community quite regularly. Is this a yes or no answer?

The Ecclesiastic, in my view is throwing some negativity on the answer. Sure this is a trusting and protective energy. Anyone that hides their hand no matter if it is a ritual or not is not all above board. He will also preach dogma. In relation to the question most likely there will be some people there offering their 2 cents worth. You have these kinds of people all the time. They are the complainers, challengers and insulters. You have nice people too. It’s funny how we forget 10 compliments but remember 1 insult.

I see stiff competition at this exhibition with money to be made but due to ‘attitudes’ of the general public in that particular location the success will be lukewarm. Should check to see where the transiting Moon is on that day because that sign will set the tone for the day of exhibition. 

There is no option for a spelling/grammar so if you find any typos I’ll probably find them after I post the blog 🙂 Any advertisement following my post is out my control.



One thought on “Money. Judge. Ecclesiastic

  1. I was fascinated for this article, but I do need more practice, how would you read this in terms if he is coming back? The cards that came out were :

    26 – 8 – 25 – 2 (top row)
    19 – 24(you card) – 42 – 27
    23 – 36 – 21 – 15

    Thank you;)

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