All about the Lenormand #15 Bear card

According to the time stamp on this post I wrote the majority of it back in 2007. My feelings on this card have not changed much some 12 years later. Gosh, time flies. 🙂 Excuse any typos as I don’t have the spelling and grammar option for some reason.

The Lenormand Bear card traditionally represents a male who holds an important position in the life of the person seeking the card reading. This card can  represent a father, grandfather, leader of an organization, etc. The energy of Bear is powerful and can be intimidating if abused. There is a hint of fear within this card as well when taken to suggest strength & power in that an insecure individual will feel threatened.

To determine whether the energy is positive which it usually is look toward the adjoining cards for clarification. When cards of struggle and confusion  are nearby the person represented by the Bear card will be tapping into the negative aspect of power & strength from this card.

Many Lenormand readers associate money matters with this card. I tend not to use this meaning too often unless coupled with the Fish card. One shouldn’t forget the traditional reference to jealousy with the Bear card. It is advised not to flaunt your successes or the green-eyed monster could appear. Also, the Bear card represents a situation in ‘need’ or ‘out of necessity’. 

10 of Clubs – the associated meanings of the playing card will fall under the business related category which includes any type of correspondence through the written word or other more modern methods of communication. Being a “10” the last number prior to the court cards the summation of the Clubs suit is contained within. 10’s are about completions similar to taking the final exam in a course of study. It can be compared to the Death card of transformation in the Tarot as well because Key 13 deals with endings and beginnings of cycles. And on some levels so does Key #10 The Wheel of Fortune and all the 10’s of the Tarot suit. A type of settlement is indicated. But, most Lenormand reader do not use the playing card pip meanings only the Court cards.

How does the 10 of Clubs tie in with the suggested meanings of the Bear? The only real connection that I see is the strength & power aspect of it. How? Since Aces are the beginnings, seeds or starting points then the 10’s are the empowerment or totality of the entire suit whether it is hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades. The regular playing cards do not always follow in the tradition of the symbolic meaning of numbers (numerology) but the Tarot does. What I mean by this is certain assigned meanings to the standard playing cards will vary depending due to the card readers’ assigning the meanings. It doesn’t mean those meanings are wrong. They are just different.  If we all read the cards the same old way with the same old meanings, as the Tarot once was, there would not be much excitement in readings. 🙂

  • Some suggestions for combinations of the Bear card in a reading:

  • Bear + Book = you will meet a man of importance who will assist you in a situation or matter that is significant in your life

  • Bear + Cross = the strength & power is minimized or lessened. A male will no longer exert his aggressive influence on you

  • Bear + Whip = can suggest a lawyer or officer of the court. Some person will bully or coerce you into cooperation

  • Bear + Coffin = can indicate a serious illness around a father, grandfather or other male that hold an important role in your life

  • Bear + Bouquet = could suggest a married couple or partnership between 2 people that is based on mutual respect and admiration

  • Bear + Child = possibly a difficult or defiant child. Starting a project with too much aggression

  • Bear + Gentleman = he could be a husky build. He is your protector. Has underlying power struggle issues. He will do only what is necessary 

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