How to read the 3-card Answer layout. Hungarian gipsy cards (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten) + update

A couple has an opportunity to go away and spend time at a cottage for a few days. One person doesn’t want to go due to the limited time available to enjoy cottage country given the lengthy commute there and back. The other person is looking at it as an opportunity to get away for the city.

Using the 3-card Answer layout how would you read Constancy, Death and Merriment?

Past: Constancy- Obviously things are at a standstill regarding the decision to go to the cottage. 

Now: Death- At the current time it looks like all hope to go away has come to an end.

Answer: Merriment- Could there be a shift in energy so the couple are on the same page about this opportunity? In the image the man and woman are engaged in a dance and appear to be enjoying each other’s company. They aren’t all over each other and there is a distance between their hearts. Each person is in control. Receiving Merriment as an answer to a question looks quite promising.

Since the Constancy card is the passing energy the stalemate will pass as well. There will be a shift of energy but not by much as depicted by the Death card. At the time of shuffle going to the cottage is out of the question. However, the next card, Merriment, adds some uplifting energy to this answer.

My money is on a ‘yes’ answer.  

UPDATE: SEPT. 11.2020. 

The couple almost went and then decided not go to the cottage. Death card prevented the manifestation of the Merriment outcome. Constancy pointed to same ol’ same ol’ as in no travel. 

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