Key 9 The HERMIT

Card of the Day: Raymond Romani Hermit.

Raymond Buckland Romani Tarot

The appearance of this Major Arcana can signify that the message contained within the card needs to be followed today. If you understand the Key you will understand the solution. By understanding the principle you can determine the lesson of the Major Arcana card.

The Hermit card has traditional associations with inner guidance, experience and the capacity to oversee similar to the soaring hawk I saw the other day. To be able to rise above circumstances and look at the totality of the problem or situation is more useful than impulsive ‘ego’ banging. 

In the traditional Rider deck, the Hermit stands on top of a mountain, holding a staff in his left hand and a lantern in his right hand. There is a 6 pointed star glowing within the lantern. The colour grey has associations with knowledge and would represent a neutral energy. In order to understand we need to accept the cosmic laws especially when situations get ‘tough’ in our lives. It is all part of the larger plan.

Ask yourself today which piece of the jigsaw puzzle do you want to work on first. Will you do the border? How about similar patterns? 

One of the esoteric connections of the Hermit card is Clairsentience. It is the ability to feel other people’s energy. To feel is to touch. This might sound confusing but if you really stop to think about it you will see that it makes perfect sense. Well, to me it does. 

To touch another person’s pain through the electromagnetic field that joins us all is to feel the energy of the pain. Think back to a time when you just did not like being around a person and you did not know why. Within the electromagnetic field is the contamination of negative thinking. If you picked up on that without knowing why you probably experienced intermittent clairsentience.

One of the lessons of the Hermit card is to view your problem or situation from within yourself because your external life is reflecting what is going on within. What will you encounter today? You have the power of the star within the lantern.

If you can lift yourself above any lower energy which comes your way today you can overcome most anything.

The Hermit teaches us to reach into the past experiences and gives us the opportunity to change our view of these experiences if they are clouding our knowledge. The result is gaining the wisdom from the process.

Watch out for the snake today! The truth can hurt.

Tarot of the New Vision. Lo Scarabeo

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