Topic reading extracted from the GT layout

I copied the cards from a reading I did but only copied those cards surrounding the topic in question. 

I made this board from a black foam board and used a white metallic pen to draw the lines and identify the House. 


The person, Gentleman, getting the reading wants to know about his love life at the current time. He has a feeling something is not right with the relationship with the woman, Lady, he has been dating for six months. As it so happened both Significators fell within the block of cards surrounding the Fox card. I chose the Fox card because it represents the topic. One of Fox’s meanings is that something is wrong. 

The Fox card sits in the Heart House. How interesting! As far as the relationship, his feelings there is something wrong is reflected perfectly. Don’t forget this would be a limiting reading because the Houses are in their natural order of the GT. Had I just laid out 9 cards the House would not even be considered but because these cards are from a full board layout (GT) I will proceed with the topic reading accordingly.

The Lenormand cards never cease to amuse me! The Lady cards (looks to the left) sits in the Fox House so she is got her wires crossed at the time of the shuffle. She is above the Gentleman card (looks to the right) suggesting she is very much on his mind. The Significators do not face each other but they are joined. The Lady looks away from the Park card indicating she is not totally out in the open about her activities which probably involved the Queen of Clubs (Snake) who can be strongly persuasive. The Park in the Bear house states the client should not flaunt his concerns openly. The Snake card is suggesting some temptation but for now it is only a temptation because she is facing away from this card. 

The client is sitting in the Mouse House indicating this entire situation is eating away at him. He is facing the Fox card so that means he is not totally comfortable with his own emotions. Changes will occur very soon as he is stepping into the Stork energy. These changes are not weeks or months and probably days. These changes will cast a veil of uncertainty (Clouds) but not for long as the lighter side of the clouds face to the right. The client is probably suspecting a close friend’s (Dog) involvement.

The Dog card represents a friend with a flirty but harmless disposition (Snake+Sun). Bottom line is the client is pointing the finger at his woman without any real evidence to back up his feelings something is wrong. The Dog faces away from the Clouds. This means this situation is not so serious. Much of the emotional insecurity is within the client.

Within a short time, all this nonsense will stop because the Sun card ends the middle row. The Dog ends the bottom row looking away from the Clouds. The Snake is last card in top row and stares right at you. Temptations will always be there but the Lady looks to the left and will not do anything about it. Don’t forget that the Queen of Clubs (Snake) might also be luring her to take up with the client’s friend.

After talking (emailing back n forth, lol) to the client about my findings he confessed that the relationship was good but felt it would backfire in his face like some of his other relationships. This is a perfect example of someone expecting the worst instead of embracing the best!

P.S. You don’t have to read the topic of interest the way I did. You can find the card representing the topic of interest and read the cards surrounding it. You won’t alway have a block of 9 because it depends where that card falls in the GT layout.


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