12-card Trigger layout featuring Lenormand cards

I use the 12-card Trigger layout quite often with various decks of cards.  Sometimes, I choose the YOU card (2nd card 2nd column) which represents the topic of the reading. If I don’t select it then the card which falls there is the focus of the reading. I created this layout back in 2006 and if you click the link after the arrow you will be taken to the original post which includes detailed instructions ➡ trigger layout. As a brief reminder, the last two columns (Immediate, Soon) are pre-selected timeframes of your choosing. 

This reading is for a man client which is represented by the Gentleman card in the YOU spot. Before you begin this reading study the cards in the Trigger Row.

Bouquet + Gentleman + Mouse + Clouds

These four cards will enable you to zoom into the situation or question at hand. Since the timeframe for this reading is one month the last card will be more or less the outcome of what’s going on around the Gentleman.

➡ Also, given the one month timeframe, the Passing column mirrors that so those cards were experienced within the last (previous) month. For example, if you selected three months for the Soon column (4th and last column) the Passing column will be within the last (previous) three months.

Alrighty, moving along to a brief summary of the Trigger row we can see the Bouquet card is behind the Gentleman. This card can describe him or it can describe a situation which has already happened. The Bouquet’s influence is all about gifts and fondness. It has a pleasant and soothing energy. It can bring a nice aroma after a sour experience. Listen carefully to the voice of the Bouquet flower. Keep a stiff upper lip like the Queen ♠ when situations call for strength. Also, I see this card as a blessing. The Gentleman faces the Mouse card with one week of this shuffle. This card eats away or depletes the Gentleman’s energy for some reason. We have not established this at this point of the analysis. Whatever pleasant energy the Bouquet bestowed to the Gentleman the Mouse has taken a lot of that away. Ending with the Clouds card the Gentleman is entering an uncertain time within one month. Things will not be so obvious or clear. In this deck the dark side of the clouds is a little difficult to ascertain. I usually do factor the shading and since the King ♠ is looking to the left I want to read this the darker side is facing to the right (behind his back). 

Column 1: Passing. Fish + Bouquet + Ship 

This situation has already happened.  Many times it is an incomplete situation which is carried into the Now experience. Since the Ship ends this column there is still movement. If it were the Coffin card that influence would have run its course. If it were the Scythe card it would have have to an abrupt end. If it were the Sun card the situation would have promising results. The Fish card does rule finances and things we value. It is also about fluids. The Ship card can be the flow of energy. It is not absolutely clear what these three cards are talking about but if I give you a little background then the cards can ‘fit’ the situation surrounding the man. As many of you know, lately I have a concern for someone that is hospitalized. Therefore, I can go ahead and read the King is a medical person that ‘blessed’ the man’s situation by creating a continued ‘flow’ of life. 

Column 2: Now. House + Gentleman + Rider.

The top card is the concern the man insofar as the environment he is experiencing as ‘home’ in the hospital. He is also thinking about his real home. At the time of the shuffle, the Gentleman was waiting for news about his everyday circumstances. The Rider card also represents a new encounter. I can say with certainty it is all about people popping in and out of the hospital to see the man.

Column 3: Immediate. One week. Clover + Mouse + Whip.

I want to read the Clover card as a quick turn of events for a not so lucky situation. The Mouse card eats any ‘good’ energy out of the Clover card and turning a promising pleasant interlude into turmoil. I can personally vouch for this because it has been a physical struggle for the man to hold his own. The influence of these cards is in effect until tomorrow April 30th give or take a day. 

Column 4: Soon. One month. Letter + Clouds + Stork.

Let’s suppose the last card in this column was the Sun card. Even though the Sun card’s energy is wonderful the main strength of the Clouds card prevails. This means there will be more uncertainty as to the man’s situation for the duration of this timeframe. There will definitely be changes coming via news and announcements. This news will be refers to complications. In a nutshell, progress and healing could be set back because of the original situation involving the man’s hospitalization. There is an element of risk. The letter is sealed which could mean something might develop which had not been planned on. The Clouds card above the Stork card is an indicator of what to expect. Here lies the situation as seen through shadows since the clouds obscure the sunshine (hope/promise/fulfillment/success). It is the unknown which arose through the Letter card. Unsettling changes will come. I usually do not do combine cards in other columns but like I have said before if a duo sticks out then go ahead and factor that combination as well. 


2 thoughts on “12-card Trigger layout featuring Lenormand cards

  1. This is really interesting. When you say that you don’t read any combinations does that mean you are strictly sticking to just reading the columns alone without any other directional reading? (Nothing read horizontally, diagonally, by knighting?)

    • Hi Lynn. Unless I get an intuitive flash or gut feeling about a certain combination I read the columns and carry the theme throughout. For example, if a specific question is asked each column expands on that. Hope that helps. Seaqueen

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