Asking Pages of Shustah cards about a referral.

I have not posted much on the Pages of Shustah cards lately but I do use quite often for daily questions. (The FB study group for this system been archived temporarily as well as a few other groups I oversee.)

I asked the cards if a referred medium would be able to provide the answer an acquaintance was seeking regarding her crossed over parents. This woman wants to know because it would be a very pricey visit. The information she is looking for involves a message her mother told her before she died. To this day (some 3 years later) she does not know what it means. I explained to her there are no guarantees with this type of reading. This is not my specialty although it does happens at times here and there. 

Red Closed Gate. Blue Return Road. Green Spring Angel.

I always place more importance on the first card versus the last (result) card. I have seen time and time again that when card one is more on the negative side that the last card is weakened even if it is a very positive answer.  In other words, it can only get as good as energy around the situation. If you are a ‘C’ student and you earn a C+ that’s the same thing as an A for you because that is probably the best you can do. If the Big Wish ended this layout it indicates a strong positive yes to the question, however, the red Closed Gate will minimize the yes but it will still be a yes to ‘something’.

If the energy around the situation, in this case the red Closed Gate, is suggesting the information will not be that easy to access, this lays the premise for the reading. The green Spring Angel is filled with promise in the last position but it is weakened insofar as the question. I think some other message will come through the medium.

The middle card blue Return Road shows the indecision about whether to go to the appointment or not. It also indicates the reassessment of keeping the scheduled appointment with the hopes of finding out the information. This card shows the woman stepping back and thinking about this even further. Even though she was reassured by the medium it would be no problem at all contacting the deceased mother my acquaintance consulted me first. I did not ask my cards if the medium was good or not (I would never do that) I asked if my client would get what she wants. There is a fair bit of money involved and a commute of 2.5 hours there and back to the appointment. 

I do not think my client (en gratis, lol) will be totally satisfied if she goes through with the appointment. Sometimes, your clients are looking for something specific and if you cannot provide those answers it does not mean you suck at doing readings.  I do think my client would gain some special messages that might assist her or lead her to another path.  

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