Can the cards bluff?

I asked the cards a question. It was a simple yes or no. The cards indicated without a doubt a yes answer. Well, that did not come to pass at all.

Did I will all those ‘yes’ cards because I wanted a ‘yes’ answer?

Do the cards bluff in reference to certain questions? That can only mean this bluffing goes on in our subconscious. Think about all the subliminal messages you receive on a daily basis. Also, all the messages you have received in your lifetime – they are stored in the subconscious.

This brings me to an off topic point. All the books or information you have read on-line about a certain deck of cards and all those videos you watched left a huge footprint in your subconscious. It’s other people’s stuff. Sure you need a general basis in cartomancy but that’s where it ends. Get to know your cards and have a good understanding of the layout you are using. I think more and more cartomancers these days are assigning their own personal meanings to the cards. I am not referring to any particular deck of cards. The relationship with divination systems is intimate. This brings me to a statement I have made on occasion, “If you can read one deck of cards you can read any deck of cards”. Yes, I know some decks are different in approach but the process of reading the cards is the same. This topic needs a post of its own to further explain my statement. 🙂 

Ok, back to my original intention of writing this post. When we ask the cards a question the brain sends a message to the hands to select the cards in hopes of receiving an answer to that question. 

Somewhere in there lies a mystery because it is not as simple as that. Interestingly, more that 50% of our brain’s activities lie in the subconscious realm. How can we even ask a conscious question of the cards? (mystery – unknown) This mystery is your Inner Knowing but only if you recognize it. It can be the contract you have with your guides. Other times it is that ability that cannot be explained in a scientific manner. The brain and the mind ➡ Psychology Today

Many of us know the subconscious is amenable to suggestion. It is not all that reliable unless there is repetition resulting in belief. This could explain readings that don’t make that much sense or are completely opposite to what actually occurred. 

So these pieces of paper with images called cards have meanings (plus the layout) which are then sent back to the brain to assess and deliver a reading. The big question is, “Which part of the brain knows all this?” The other thing is that much of this process is outside of ourselves. 

Getting back to my question to the cards. My subconscious believed the answer should be yes thus picking all the yes cards when in actuality the answer was a definite no. This brings me to another point. All the repeated positive affirmations you say mean nothing unless you genuinely believe them without bs-ing yourself. Using myself as an example, I think I may have unknowingly been bs-ing myself for a yes answer. 🙂

Is it a form of mentalism?

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