New Palladini Tarot in the 3-card Answer layout. RIP David

The 3-card Answer layout is good for those questions which require a short answer. Before I begin, deepest condolences to family and friends of David Palladini who passed away not too long ago. I think I bought the Aquarian deck a few years after it was first published. I love the thicker card stock. It has lasted 45+ years. Hard to believe over four decades have passed already. 

QUESTION for the New Palladini Tarot: Should Veronica downsize and sell her home? Past readings involving her can be seen if you click her name.

1. PAST. An influence or person is about to leave the current scenario. It could be an experience, which is just passing that makes way for something new that is about to enter your life.

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: The knight reminds Veronica to look at the mundane aspects of her life. It’s all about the why would she be considering this. The day-to-day upkeep of a home (interior and exterior) takes a commitment to keep things in order. These days it is too easy to spend too much time on the Internet, doing other projects and participating in things involving the community. The house work needs to get done. The seasonal exterior work needs to get done. The repairs (if any) need to be addressed.

This knight is a practical action card. It is not fast-moving. Slow and steady. It also speaks about finances. Does she need the money? Sometimes, It is not financially feasible to sell and then buy another unit or rent. It would still take an outlay of money. Perhaps the ‘common’ work associated with a home might be lightened somewhat.

The knight is telling me V. is looking at the money if she sells but with the prices of smaller units in her area I’m sure she would not make a grand profit. 

2. NOW. Describes what is going on currently. Here you can find out if the person is dealing with challenges or good influences from another person or situation. Often personal thoughts and feelings are revealed.

5 OF CUPS: So, here she is cloaked in not so positive thoughts. This card is reminding V. to appreciate the home she has now. 

I have to wonder if this card isn’t pointing out that V should take a hard look at why she would even considering selling her home. Are there bad memories there? Sometimes, we don’t know why we make certain decisions until after the fact. I really get a strong feeling that her emotions are unclear as to her ‘real’ motive.  

The 5 of Cups is triggering a current flood of memories. There has to be a connection. At this point, I don’t know if she is with someone or not.

3. ANSWER. This card describes the answer to your question.

DEATH: Any time I see this card in a reading it means ‘no’ to me. It is also a card of profound transformation which is what would happen if V. sells. Within the card is renewal as well. The Death card also says to let go of the past that no longer serves her. I’m on the fence about the guidance of the cards.

Did the cards answer V.’s conscious question or her subconscious question?  🙂

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