UPDATE for March 17th reading. Ur-Lenormand in block of 9 layout.

Original post March 17/19:  Update in red font (Part 1/2)

It’s funny, but I prefer the mini decks or oversized ones preferably that contain crisp images. So far, the Ur-Lenormand (Game of Hope) by Alexander gluck published by Konigsfurt Urania is the only larger Lenormand I have located not including the 54-card Astro Mythological deck. The 59 page LWB does have the English blurb starting on page 43 to 59. 

I really like this deck but alas 😦 I wish the images were not so soft in appearance. I am tempted to outline the main focus in each card but I’d probably muck it up. 🙂 Nevertheless, the size is great, the card stock is good and the rounded corners are even better. 

Question for the Ur-Lenormand. What does the next 3 months hold for Mr. X. In other words what is the significant situation for each month. If there is an on-going situation then the cards will reveal developments in to that situation. 

Mr. X did not show up in the layout. Any situation showing up will not affect him directly or profoundly. (not making sense yet because of the nature of the question) Mrs. X didn’t show up either. This is a health question but it is not a health reading. Let me explain why not. It is not a health reading because the prognosis has been given by a professional medical person. I have been given the facts. Mr. X is facing the potential of receiving medical treatments. What he wants to know is how he will tolerate those treatments if in fact they are given. He doesn’t know yet because his appointment with the specialist is in one week.

When I do this type of layout with specified timeframes I use the middle card as the trigger or focal card. It is a 3-card reading. This means the preceding card lead up to it and the following card is the consequence or result.

Month 1: As of the time of shuffle (today until April 17th give or take) 

Fish + Child + Star 

Since this reading is not about finances (Fish card) in any way I want to take the King of Diamonds to represent his doctor. In the long stretch of the Fish card meaning it does point to increase or gain as a stand alone. The increase is the condition. It is not longer benign. This lead up to the next card.

The cards show a new situation (Child) developing most likely the condition. Also, it could be too early to administer treatments within Month 1 but it could be scheduled. More information is needed about his treatments.

This is the consequence or result of the middle card. The Star card is about finding some meaning in one’s life. Of course, this card is connected to one’s wishes as well. Within this card is hope and that is very important under the circumstances. Another point is that Mr. X is highly suggestible given his vulnerability at this time. 

UPDATE: Yes, Mr. X’s specialist is the grey-haired man depicted by the King of Diamonds (Fish). No treatment was recommended within this time frame of one month. It’s a wait and see situation (Star). What did occur was an order for further testing (Child).  

Continued in Part 2/2

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