3-card Answer layout featuring Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Lenormand.

My belated birthday gift arrived yesterday. I am always happy to receive cards.  The Lisa Hunt Fairy Tale Lenormand is adorable. The cards are a bit smaller in size and that is totally ok with me. I don’t know about you but the imagery does influence me.

Even though the core meanings of the traditional Lenormand remain pretty much unchanged the scenes in the cards can contribute or take away for those traditional keywords. (Let’s not forget most of those symbols were adopted from dreams, coffee grounds /tea leaves way before Lenormand was born) The Fairy Tale Lenormand reminds me of a musical scale with each card being a note on that scale.  When you blend all the notes together you have a song aka story.  

Today, I will play around with the 3-card Answer layout featuring the Fairy Tale Lenormand. Below is the template with position meanings.

QUESTION:  Will Miss X sell her car in May?


Miss X loves her car but due to some financial difficulties needs to sell it.


Miss X hasn’t got all the facts in yet about setting a price for her car. 


The sale of the car may not happen in May since this card is about distant. If you look at this card in another way it could mean yes, lol. She will be separated from her car. I would pull another card with the hopes that it shows $$ or a transaction.   What do you think?

Other possible meanings for the Tower card:

  • a separation between people, situations and things

  • an authority figure or organization

  • an isolated state of mind. Loneliness.

  • a building. Something or someone tall.

  • the Ego

  • long life (health)

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