Ur-Lenormand in block of 9 layout. Part 2/2

In continuation of

Ur-Lenormand in block of 9 layout. Part 1/2

You could read the German insets (top left) as well to gain another level of understanding. As a reminder Mr. X is not aware that he will be receiving treatments as of today.

Here is the  image of the reading.

Month 2. Mouse + Ring + House

The Ring card depicts continuity, however, it is next to the Mouse card which suggests this is at risk. Since the Ring card follows the Mouse the direct influence is lessened yet it is still an influence.  The Ring card is about commitment as well. Is it the commitment to accept treatments?  Again, I am guided to take the King of Hearts to represent someone involved in Mr. X’s medical care. This is someone different. Perhaps he will receive a referral to see another specialist that administers this treatment. These three cards do not show a significant change in Mr. X’s circumstance which leads me to think treatment could be tolerated well. I’m not totally convinced it will happen within this timeframe. 

Month 3. Whip + Anchor + Clover.

Since we are not asking about work, the Anchor card can suggest stability or even a condition that remains unchanged. The Whip card can suggest the treatments would take their toll on Mr. X which hints at the fact it probably won’t help much since the Anchor card is not one of changing energy.  Followed by the Clover card, this indicates that the consequences or symptoms produced by treatments could be less pronounced. The Clover card is often called ‘little luck’. It is a fast-moving energy that doesn’t always reveal the reality of a situation. For example, if you take a pill for your headache and it goes away temporarily the pill does not address the core reason why you have the headache. 

After studying the cards some more I do not see a major change in how Mr. X will feel physically. If he does receive treatments he will tolerate the side-effects well.  

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