Arcanum Tarot by Renata Lechner. 7-card Romany layout reading Part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post ➡ Part 1/2

My process of clearing the deck: I didn’t use crystals or sage or anything like that. I mix the deck by laying cards in 6 piles thus giving 13 cards in each pile.  I reassembled the piles at random and proceeded to do the same process two more times. Then I blow my clearing intention into the deck something I have done for decades prior to readings. Then I shuffled the deck, cut it in 3 piles and lay the cards 7 across.

Another example of this layout reading featuring the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner and Giulia Francesca Massaglia can be found at the following link.

After Tarot 7-card Romany layout reading

The below image is a reading for a woman (Laurie) facing an identity crisis.

  1. The Seeker of the cards- describes you and what surrounds you at the time of the reading.  9 of Pentacles. Laurie is in a position of contentment yet something is missing. She is pretty much alone but satisfied with all the physical world has to offer her. But, is she really happy? Nines are about fulfillment and since it is a pentacle card that fulfillment is not necessarily emotional, intellectual or spiritual. 

  2. The environment- expands on the circumstances of the question if one is asked, if not, will bring to focus what is significant. Love, money, relationships, business, travel etc.  5 of Wands. This card shows a tug of war which is keeping with the identity crisis she is experiencing. Fives are always a challenge of some sort and given it is the wands suit her energy might be scattered all over the place.

  3. Opportunities & Challenges- here you will find supporting or adverse cards linked to the question or theme of the reading.  5 of Pentacles.  Here we have another five-card depicting a challenge but this time it is about things she values or even money situations. The Arcanum Tarot shows one person instead of the two people we are accustomed to seeing in this card. The woman in the card is holding a bowl and perhaps she waiting for a hand out. I see this as being more negative than positive and Laurie must not lose her faith that she will come through this situation ok. 

  4. Expected. The Now- these cards will expand on your hopes & fears.  4 of Cups. Laurie’ emotions are fairly stable but they could be stagnating as well. She needs to stir up her feelings more and start caring about herself. She needs to embrace risk which will lead to change.

  5. Surprise- the cards of the unexpected influences, events or people involved.  THE DEVIL. We have only one Major Arcana in this layout and it is a pretty good one at that. Why? This card clearly indicates that she is being manipulated by external circumstances to the point that she doesn’t know who she is any more. She needs approval from others. Once she recognizes this and stops bowing down to everyone around here she will be able to see the truth about what is happening to her. Since this card fell in the Surprise position of the layout I do see an incident approaching her that will test her identity crisis in such a way that she will see the light. 

  6. Near future- approximately 3 months.  8 of Cups. This is a good card for it shows Laurie will leave her old emotions behind. Eights are always cards of strength. During the next 3 months she will begin to release old emotional beliefs and get back into her own skin. 

  7. Distant future- generally 6-9 months which is a common timeframe.  Ace of Pentacles. With each Ace is a new beginning. Laurie will discover many things about herself and the physical world she lives in. This card is very promising. It shows new involvements that will define her identity a little more. Many opportunities are shown for her and she will embrace them. 

7 thoughts on “Arcanum Tarot by Renata Lechner. 7-card Romany layout reading Part 2/2

  1. Mdm. Seaqueen,
    What does a major arcana in the fifth or “surprise” position mean? Is it something out of our control per se that will happen or something that we will ultimately decide to do? For example, if the Judgement card was drawn. Thank you!

    • 5. Surprise- the cards of the unexpected influences, events or people involved. The Major Arcana’ meaning depends on which card it is. In the layout it just so happens only one MA appeared. It is not out of control, however, it holds more significance being a MA. If Judgement fell there a renewal of some kind could occur within the client insofar as her identity. Her old personality just does not cut it anymore. Hope that helps.

  2. Mdm Seaqueen,
    What does the Wheel of Fortune card in an outcome position, such as a Celtic Cross spread, mean when there is no question involved? What cards do I look at to read what the situation might be? Thank you!

    • Hello N. The Wheel of Fortune indicates changes. Sometimes it is an improvement and other times it is a hindrance. The first two cards often reveal the circumstances around the reading/question. Card 7 would be your thoughts so you could find clues there as well. Season’s greetings. Seaqueen

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