Lenormand block of 9 cards layout

Featuring Rootweaver’s mini ©Vintage Lenormand in the block of 9 cards layout. First of all, I want to mention that the Card Geek has a great instructional YouTube vid on reading the Significator in the block of 9 layout. Toni’s teaching method is enhanced by her sparkling personality. 

I pulled out the Lady Significator card (she is face up), set it aside and then continued pulling 8 additional cards (they are fanned face down). The discarded pile (top left) is not used. Normally, I just shuffle the entire deck but I wanted to follow Toni’s method for the intention of this post. While shuffling I kept thinking about Veronica’s question, “What should I know about the situations around me in the upcoming next few weeks?” Her question is important and so is the position of the Lady card. Why? It will reflect her footing on upcoming situations in the specified time in the question. 

I gathered all nine cards and shuffled them. They were laid out starting at the top left (Snake ), across 3 cards , second row across 3 cards (ending with Mouse) and finally bottom row across 3 cards (ending with House).

Veronica is situated in the bottom row first card. She has the Snake/Dog sitting on her shoulders. The Lady faces Cross/House cards.  By the looks of these cards V has some tough issues around her. The Snake/Dog describes a situation involving a close friend. Something is not completely above board. V is thinking about this and perhaps that is the reason she asked her question.

V could be facing some hardships (Cross) within her home (House) environment due to the incident involving a friend (Dog). The middle card (Mountain) is one specific situation that she needs to overcome. With the Mouse card following it there is a good chance the obstacles/delays, etc. could begin to crumble over the next few weeks.

Whatever this is it spans back into the distant past (Tower) and because the 2nd column is ahead of the Lady this situation will resurface. A sacrifice (Cross) is shown. A decision (Path) is inevitable, however, any card preceding the Mouse card is minimized. I want to read this as one of her options or choices are worrisome or not in her best interest. This will affect the energy in her home (House). Maybe she should smudge her home after this friend visits.

I knew a lady that would not allow anyone to sit in meditation circle if they brought negative energy with them. In this one case, a young woman was distressed when she arrived and G would not let her into the main part of the house until she calmed down. The woman sat in the back porch until the circle was over. G said to the group that we had already smudged everyone and cleared the energy and the young woman would have undone all that just by walking into our ‘space’.

V will face some emotional pain (Cross) very soon. She feels very much alone (Mountain/Cross) and tired of this situation. Dog/Mountain could represent a distancing as well due to a misunderstanding. One other thing I want to point out is that Snake/Dog could be describing V as well, at the time of shuffle. She is a very devoted person but given she has the Snake energy around her as well she is not a fool.  If that be the case, V will overcome all that is ahead of her by tapping into her faith (Cross) that all will turn out ok over the next few weeks. 

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