The Rainring cards. Featuring the 9 card Octagon spread

The summaries of the meanings for all the Rainring cards are on the downloadable pdf accessible via the ➡ Rainring wordpress blog. So far we have studied cards 1 – 21. These cards and their write ups are featured at my ➡ C C C blog. Please note that in the pdf link the cards are organized in groups and the cards are in numerical order within those groups. 

I debated whether to use the Waite, Eden Gray, Pitisci or my own version of the Celtic Cross. After pondering on this for several days I decided to use one of the layouts found on the Rainring website ➡ Octagon spread. If you click the name link or image below you will find more detailed information on this layout such as the connection to the chakras.


The Octagon spread: “This spread analyses any psychic event or situation by breaking it down into nine aspects, of which the ninth, at centre, summarises the others. The nine different aspects correspond to the nine groups of cards.”


Why are Jane and her brother Bill estranged? (Background: Jane and Bill stopped communicating about 5 years ago. Jane has made several attempts to reconnect but Bill is not responding to any of her calls or E-mails. Jane does not know what happened between them to create this separation.)

The chart below is taken from the Rainring website. The cards inserted are the ones we have studied thus far. This will produce a slightly limited interpretation (and maybe not) but nevertheless it will illustrate the Octagon spread and how to read those cards selected in the positions.  

FORM aspect (S)  Position 4

What is going on in our daily life? The practicalities, the impact of the matter on daily life.  #9 CLARITY: Jane is saddened by the situation with her brother. It affects her daily life in such a way that when the topic of her brother comes up she becomes on guard. Jane feels helpless in that she cannot regain the relationship with her brother.

UNCONSCIOUS aspect (N) Position 5

What is going on below the level of our awareness? The hidden source of what is manifesting itself. #1 FLOW-SINGER: The way I want to read to this card in the position is that there is much going on that cannot be explained on a conscious level. The child within him and child within her is wounded. On another level this is being played out which is not in full awareness to Jane.

SPIRITaspect (E) Male pole: Position 1

What is the state of our spirit connection? The way in which spirit views the issue – the thoughts, perceptions and insights involved. #12 INVASION: Jane needs to accept the situation the way it is right now. Bill’s rejection of her advances to communicate is affecting her. By forcing Bill to reconnect when he is not ready could be viewed as Jane intruding on his privacy.

WILLaspect (W) Female pole: Position 2

What is our emotional connection? How are we feeling together? Feelings about, emotional response to the issue. #10 PLAY: Jane feels that Bill is playing mind games with her. This has a profound affect on her emotions to the point that she has lost control of her personal boundaries when it comes to him. This means she has lost direction of the relationship.

COMMUNICATION aspect (NW) Position 7

How is our verbal connection? The spoken, written or other artistic interactions taking place around the issue. IMPRESSION: The lack of communication has certainly been a learning lesson for Jane. She cannot heal unless she knows why Bill isn’t speaking to her. And maybe part of her healing has to do with the fact that she needs to accept things as they are and move on. Sometimes misunderstanding begin for no known reason. Whatever it was has threatened the communication between the siblings.

CONJUGATION aspect (SE) Position 8

How are we getting on as a couple? – i.e. what is the state of our conjugal relationship? (love/sex) Fusion of male and female polarities; balance of emotion and awareness. Externally – relation between conjugal partners; internally -the equivalent in the psyche of the individual(s) #11 WITHDRAWAL: Jane and Bill are siblings and not a couple in that sense of the word. However, the sibling love is being withheld to some degree. Loving someone does need expression on some level. Bill has gone into his shell and Jane is in a shell of her own because of him. This card is appropriate for the situation between them.

SELF aspect (SW) Position 6

How am I doing in the relationship? How the issue impacts on the individual(s) involved; how it affects personal integrity and integration. #14 OBSESSION: Jane is on the receiving end of this estrangement with her brother mainly because she does not know the reason behind it. The entire situation has her off balance. She does channel some of this pent up energy into creative projects. This helps on a temporary basis but she still cannot wrap her mind around the situation. She needs to know why the communications has ceased. Did she say or do something? Jane has retraced her steps and re-read her E-mails to Bill before the halt in communication. She cannot figure it out. In some ways she is obsessing to the point she is starting to feel indifferent.

QUEST-ION?  aspect (NE) Position 9. 

What are our goals as a couple? The goals or aims striven for in relation to the issue. #15 ANGER: Well, this is certainly an interesting card as a goal but in does makes sense. There are pent up emotions between the two siblings. The goal is to overcome these emotions or to release them. Yes, the heart is wounded. There needs to be some forgiveness or this situation will get worse. The best approach for Jane is to attempt contact again but she needs to come from a pure heart position.

HEART aspect (C) Position 3

What is the summary of these eight aspects? The heart of the matter – the issue summarised in one card. #13 SUBMISSION: ➡ my thoughts on this card at CCC blog The bottom line one of two things. Jane can surrender and let go of ever knowing why or she can get keep on trying to find the answer. Sometimes things have a way of working themselves out. I think the message of the Submission card is to accept the fact any type of force on her part will not make Bill talk to her if he doesn’t want to. Her best bet is to get past her ego-drive need to know why.

I hope you found this reading interpretation helpful. Card #22 will be ready for viewing this upcoming weekend.

Apologies for any typos or any unrelated ads following this post (they are out of my control). 

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