R’s question posed to the Robin Wood Tarot about knee improvement.

I’ve had a request to pose a question using Vincent Pitisci’s Celtic Cross layout. I will be asking my trimmed working Robin Wood Tarot in this experimental reading to see play out. 🙂 R read my post before I made it public and offered her feedback which is included in red font.

From female R: “If you are needing a sample question for any of your posts you are welcome to use my query if my left knee will improve. My own answers are hard for me to cipher……. Just no idea. But if you want to use that please accept my permission to do so.”


I did use was V.P.’s 3-card cut and chose the suitable to card to represent the question. 

Looking at the top cards I think all of them could fit into the question but we need to pick one that best suits female R’s concern. She is asking about improvement so I chose the 6 of Swords.

Cards 1 represents the question. I chose the 6 of Swords in the 3-card cut. This indicates the objective to move away from current struggles. The sixes are about perseverance on a physical (pentacles) level. After experiences the changes depicted in five cards we keep on truckin’. 🚚 

Card 2 represents the challenge associated with the question. The Ace of Pentacles is all about taking the first steps towards completion on a physical level. Pentacles are usually associated with things of value and financial matters. Our body is physical as well. Aces are new beginnings. This is the beginning of the journey to physical well-being. Maybe this card is daring R to try something new.

Card 3 represents R’s efforts in this situation/question. The Hierophant is suggesting R has sought guidance and likely in conventional ways. I can’t really comment on this because I don’t have any facts so I am relying on the cards to tell me. This Major Arcana is all about following rules, procedures and and established ways of doing things. Where will all this lead R?

Rea sought other treatments. The Hierophant guided her to consider another way.

Card 4 represent R’s short-term focus (10 of Pentacles) or as I called it in the image Near goals. Same difference. The 10 number is all about completions. She met her health (pentacles) goals by following the advice of the Hierophant or maybe her own Inner Voice. 

Card 5 represents R’s assets. The 5 of Wands suggests that she is not a stranger to changes on many levels. She has learned to take action when necessary. She has learned to find peace in the midst of chaos. She knows how to survive conflicting situations. This experience will help her.

The sticks represented the cane she was using according to R.

Card 6 represents opportunities that will come. The King of Cups usually represents someone in the medical field or even alternative medicine. He is going to be a great assistance to R if she takes advantage of knowledge or expertise in the field related to her concern about her knee.

R did seek attention from a doctor that provided her with a treatment. She feels it is helping already.

Card 7 represents R’s attitude or view on her own question. The Emperor could suggest she feels in control of the whole thing. She totally understands rules and regulations and proper procedures. This card also tells me she has fended for herself on many occasion. Let’s look at the timing aspect in connection to her question.

R took charge by receiving alternative treatments with some success.

Card 8 represents timing. The Page of Swords is all about new paths on an intellectual level. If R utilizes her assets and takes advantage of a certain opportunity that will come her way it will lead to improvements. This card does suggest she has a curiosity to explore other schools of thought (swords) in regards to her left knee improving. The time is now to seek new solutions.

R stated that she took action quickly.

Card 9 represents the long-range goal around the question. Of course, she wants her knee to improve but when? The number 9 promises attainment. The Hermit indicates R will follow her own Inner Voice. There is a strong feeling that someone will come into R’s life that is on the same wavelength she is in regards to her knee concern. 

R has always followed her Inner Voice and was guided to seek an earlier appointment with a doctor.

Card 10 is the prediction or overall outcome. If we just look at the meaning of the knight and the meaning of the pentacle we can see that there will be action on a physical level. Slow improvement. When? It could take until next winter.

In the Knight of Pentacles card below, the horse is at a standstill but that doesn’t mean it will stay like that forever. 

R thinks this card means to her to stay off her feet for a few days even though the injection makes her feel better. 

To me, this card means calculated action = long-term results. Not immediate improvements but they will happen. So, I say ‘yes’ to the question.

➡ 30:40 minute vid by Kelly-Ann Maddox, 2012, about Tarot suits and numbers

2 thoughts on “R’s question posed to the Robin Wood Tarot about knee improvement.

  1. Good question Annie. I’ve had that happen. Select the one that reflects the question the most or the next stage of natural development in the process of reaching the desired results. Actually, I like doing the cut and taking the top card as the question. It’s a matter of doing the technique that is the most comfortable. For example, my sequence of laying the cards is rooted in Eden Gray’s style. bottom, left, top, right- clockwise. 🙂

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