Asking Le Tarot de Marseille cards about the direction of Tarot in 2019. Horseshoe layout. Part 2/2

Happy New Year to those near and far. ❤️ You are the best! ❤️

Question: What is the direction of Tarot in 2019

Having difficulty differentiating some of the sword and wand cards? One thing to remember is that the background of the swords is bluish in most decks and the background of the wands is greenish. If you check the Court Card suit you can determine the colour of the suit. Anyway, this is what I found to be true. If you know otherwise let me know. The deck has been shuffled thoroughly prior to use. Finding all 3 Wand Court Cards minus the Queen is intriguing but instead we had the Swords Queen. Cups and Pentacles are missing. So what does that tell you? It could be that the advice will not be rooted in emotions or money. Wands also represent One Major Arcana and a good one at that. One sword and another wand.

1. QUESTION: The Star. Interesting. Our question is about direction and the Star card is about direction as well. It is also about faith and hope. I’ve always read this card as a bright future. Sometimes, following Astrological transits can be beneficial. It depicts good health of the Tarot. The Star is about fulfillment. Wishes come will come true. 

2. CURRENT ATTITUDE: Knight of Wands. How do we look at the Tarot the way it is now?  This card shows lots of activity with the Tarot. It depicts a progressive attitude. Being a knight, the Tarot possesses passionate activity. 

3. WEAKNESS: King of Wands. One weaknesses in the direction of the Tarot is that we do not have a firm hand in where it is headed. The King is the master of the wands (fire) suit. All the positive attributes of the King of Wands card have not been achieved thereby creating this weakness in the direction of the Tarot. Are we in the midst of the reversed meaning of this card? Something is missing. There needs to be innovation. The deck is already invented. 

4. STRENGTH: Queen of Swords. Intellectual strength with well-earned understanding through experience. Has the Tarot become too hardened? It’s lonely at the top. I think this card is showing us that the Tarot has developed a life of its own through trial and error. 🙂  It is in a very strong position the way it is right now. We can think through this and determine the direction.

5. ADJUSTMENTS: 4 of Swords. The Tarot needs to come out of its smug standing in society. The energy is stagnating. People’s thoughts about the Tarot are at a standstill. Many are waiting for someone else to introduce something different. During this adjustment period many people do have ideas and alternate thoughts about the Tarot but are not sharing them … yet.  The Tarot is in a time of reflection. It is looking for direction only we can give it.

6. FUTURE ATTITUDE: 3 of Wands. More creative work is coming. Explorations. Refinements. Reassessment. Opportunities for growth are pending. We will be redefining and expanding our understanding of the Tarot. 2019 is the time for this!

7. OUTCOME: Page of Wands. New paths will open up to fuel our passion on the Tarot. The direction of the Tarot enters an exciting time. Being the page is on the lower level of the Court cards this could mean taking a look at were we have come thus far and venturing down the same paths but we new ‘eyes’. More study is needed by those with a fire burning within to steer the Tarot on its path.

How can we ignite a new passion into the Tarot direction? It has been done before and it shall be done again. We will be in the process of discovery in 2019. Some of this discovery is built on old concepts. (K of Wands has already made its appearance) We have a wealth of experience (Q of Swords). With the page we will experience ‘fresh’ motivation in creating another direction for the Tarot.

This reading was fun to do but challenging at the same time. Comments welcome on the cards in the Horseshoe layout or if you wish to provide feedback please pose your questions in our study group. ➡ Symbolon & Tarot de Marseille

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