2019. Hanged man = Empress. Plus Le Tarot de Marseille reading for direction of Tarot in 2019 (part 2/2).

Well here we are a few footsteps away from 2019. Some of you in various parts of the world have already had your countdown to the New Year. We have yet to experience that. Today’s post is two-fold. The first ‘brief’ part is about the Hanged Man/Empress cards. The second part is the introduction to the alternate Horseshoe layout using Le Tarot de Marseille by Naipes Heraclio Fournier, 1992. I like using this deck as my working deck to preserve some of my vintage (40 – 60 years old) decks. Part 2/2 will demonstrate how to read the layout using the T dM deck. 

HANGED MAN: When you add 2+0+1+9 it equals 12. No doubt it will be a year of alternate views in many areas of life. Many worldwide situations will require a new approach to solve old problems. Sometimes waiting is the best solution.

EMPRESS: 1 + 2 = 3. We need to know that her energy is at our disposal as well but not until we work through the Hanged Man’s message. The art of ‘mothering’ people and situations is the answer. We will revisit what it means to care for those in need by taking another look at how to do this.

The ‘old’ way won’t bring the desired results so some ‘new approach’ needs to be explored. This ‘new’ can be rooted in the ‘old’ it all depends how you look at it.

Some of us seasoned Tarot readers have reached for our Marseilles decks once again. This would be in keeping with the Hanged Man’s message. Let’s look at the Tarot a different way but really, it is not so different at all because it is the original way. What we are going to do is look at the original meanings again and bring them into our ‘current’ lifestyles. I think some of the original meanings were overly dramatic. 

We all know that Waite introduced the pictorial pip cards. You don’t have to follow anyone’s teachings on this. You can create your own meanings as long as you follow the meaning of the numbers + suit format of the pip cards. Refresh your memory on what each number represents. Yes, there may some variances even in numerology. Do you best to select what makes the most sense to you. You probably memorized the suits already so that’s a bonus. 😎  

As far as the Court cards each level contributes a valuable message which is rooted in the suit element. The Major Arcana still hold their own insofar as core concepts. 

I decided to use the Horseshoe layout to see what the cards reveal about the direction of the Tarot Cards. This layout has been around for a long time. The positional meanings are not set in stone. I have been exploring alternative methods of cartomancy way before I ever created the Ask my Cards blog. For example, I read reversed Lenormand & Gipsy cards. 😵

I have changed some position meanings to suit the question I am asking. 

Asking Le Tarot de Marseille cards about the direction of Tarot in 2019. Do you think the cards will understand this question. 🙂 Let’s see what happens in the next post – part 2/2. I created the Horseshoe layout seen below with meanings for the positions. The card that falls in each position will provide guidance. This layout is suitable for any question with any deck. 

Continued in part 2/2.  



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