Can the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards offer guidance in a non-traditional Tarot Celtic cross reading? Part 2/2

➡ Can the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards offer guidance in a non-traditional Tarot Celtic cross reading? Part 1/2

In the continuation of Part 1/2 we will be studying the staff (pillar) cards #7 – #10.  I wanted to mention that in Pitisci’s © method he follows the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHEN technique. 

  • The WHAT cards: 1, 2 and 7.  Ring and Fox looks at the question. Card #7 is Veronica’s attitude or her viewpoint (Bear) on the question. These cards are the ‘what’ of the reading.

  • The WHY cards: 3, 4 and 9. Child and Path combined with House will determine the ‘why’ of the reading. Veronica’s efforts = short range goal = long range or total picture of the overall goal. 

  • The HOW cards: 5, 6 and 10. Tree and Scythe combined with Dog is the ‘how’ of the reading. Veronica’s background in health + her ability to seize sudden opportunities = the prediction

  • The WHEN cards: 8. The Anchor answers this question. Should Veronica go ahead or wait to publish her cookbook?

This method is detailed (12:25 minutes) on the YouTube video called, “Professional Look at the Tarot’s Celtic Cross” . Vincent’s explanation is to the point and offered in an easy to understand format.

Card #7 represents Veronica’s attitude about publishing her cookbook. We have established that she may lack some confidence. The Bear card has a variety of meanings that could fit her current approach to the question. She could be thinking about the money involved in publishing. Veronica comes from a strong position insofar as her background (Tree). Bear can represent diet and health. 

Card #8 represents timing and is the ‘when’ of the reading. The Anchor card’s energy is slow and at the same time suggests something more long-term. Of course, many Lenormand practitioners read the Anchor as a representation of work but I also want to read it as something stable. I think Veronica should go forward with this project and do the work necessary. She may not see immediate results but whatever result there are they will be long lasting.

Do you think she should wait to publish her cookbook?

Card #9 represents the long-range goal or the desired results she wishes to attain. The House card talks about family and home. So, how does this card fit into the ‘why’ aspect of the reading. Maybe Veronica wants to buy a house or enhance her current residence. Proceeds from the sale of her cookbook could eventually help her financially. She might also want to be a full-time writer and have a home-based business. If you have followed posts on Veronica you will know that her success rate in securing and keeping jobs was challenging. ➡ Posts on Veronica’s work history

The success of her cookbook is very important to her. It was part of her question. Many people write books but are not interested in making a ton of money. They just want to share some ideas or provide some advice on a niche topic.

Card #10 – the Prediction.  What a great card to have in the ‘outcome’ spot of the reading. This card belongs to the ‘how’ aspect of the reading. No doubt about a man (maybe a family member) will be of great assistance to her. The Dog could also suggest someone that is versed in the nutritional benefits of certain ingredients which Veronica uses in her recipes. This person could offer some additional information to be put in the cookbook. For some reason, I was chuckling to myself because I was thinking of recipes for pets (dog + house).

If Veronica publishes the cookbook it will receive a warm and friendly welcome. I hope you enjoyed this little experimental reading. I loved it and plan to use it often.

One thing I want to mention is that you need to cut the pile evenly or you may run out of cards as Lenormand has only 36 and not 78 cards. You could cut the deck in half and decide between the two top flipped over cards. I like the 3 pile cut and would concentrate on the question while cutting the deck in fairly even piles. 

Thanks Rea Wallace for bringing my attention to this. 🙂 


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