Can the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards offer guidance in a non-traditional Tarot Celtic cross reading? Part 1/2

My son gifted me the 39-card Enchanted Lenormand Oracle, 2018. 🙂 I love many things about these cards especially the size. I am reserving my review on the deck for another dedicated post. Thank you Caitlin for the mention on page 159 (ELO Guidebook). 

As always, I’m all about sharing my explorations with those of you that have an interest.  As mentioned at the Centre for Creative Cartomancy (my other blog) ➡ CCC there is free downloadable printout for Vincent Pitisci’s © blank Tarot Celtic cross (seen in background of images). 

In previous posts, I have experimented with the traditional Celtic cross featuring the Lenormand, Art Deco fortune-telling cards and other similar decks. The objective of today’s post is to see if a non-Tarot deck can survive 🙂  in a non-traditional Celtic Cross layout. As many of us know the Lenormand work best in groups of cards but I think they can stand alone in the positions. The reason I think this is because each position has a meaning much like the meaning of a GT house. 

Ok, let’s get started. 

The 3 card cut to determine the best possible card to represent the question. Book, Ring or Lily. The question: If Veronica publishes her cookbook will it be successful? Actually, this is a two-layer question. First she needs to publish the book and secondly book’s success can only be determined after she publishes it. I did not select the Book card to represent this question. I chose the Ring card because it is all about commitments, business agreements, contracts etc.

I discarded the other two piles and used the Ring card to represent #1 card the question. The cards in the Ring card pile are laid out according to Vincent’s positional method. Normally, I scan the entire layout before beginning an interpretation to give me the feel of the reading. I keep that in the back of my mind before proceeding with the individual cards. Sometimes, I begin with a card out of sequence if it stands out for some reason. Of course, the Scythe card sticks out like a sore thumb but we need to remember the meaning of the position. More on this as I get into the interpretation. 

Cards #1 RING and #2 FOX:  The question and challenge

The Ring card represents the question. The Fox card is the challenge to overcome. We need to establish what the Fox card means in connection to our question. Is it a work card? Is it strategy? Is it something under-handed? Is it a selfish need? Or is something wrong about the question?  So many possibilities. Is Veronica lying to herself for some reason as to wanting to publish this cookbook? I’m going to use Vincent’s technique and ask the Fox card what it is trying to tell me. (see the last chapter ‘Conversations with the Tarot cards’ in the Genius of the Tarot and the Essential Tarot books). I’m glad he put a voice to the technique because many of us have done this without realizing it.

If the Fox card is the challenging energy this would be something that will need handling on some level. I think it is step one in the entire process of publishing the cookbook. The card is telling Veronica she has trust issues. She does not trust that the cookbook will be a success. So, she needs to address her negative thinking.

Position #3 Current efforts: CHILD

What is Veronica doing in preparation of reaching her goal to publish the cookbook? The Child card suggests the beginning of something new. She has taken baby steps by writing the draft of her cookbook. She has absolutely no experience in the publishing field. The advice I’m hearing is that Veronica needs to get in touch with someone (professional) experienced to help her with this goal. ➡ Veronica’s previous readings

Position #4 Immediate Goal: PATH

This is very interesting to find the Path card in the Immediate goal position but it makes total sense. Veronica needs to make a decision. She cannot reach this goal until she makes an effort to seek out people who will help her to publish her cookbook. There is no point fantasizing whether it will be successful or not. She needs to take the next step.

I think the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards are doing just fine in Vincent’s non-traditional positional Celtic Cross layout…so far. 

Position #5 Assets: TREE

What a perfect card to find in the Assets position. The Tree card is about health and well-being and this fits perfectly with the cookbook. Veronica is probably more grounded than she knows and this will help her as this process continues. She inherited some of her recipes from family members. How befitting of the Tree card to grace this position in the Celtic cross. 

Position #6 Opportunities: SCYTHE

Is this going to be an ouch opportunity? There could be an opportunity out of the blue and Veronica needs to act on it. The Scythe card is all about speed. Things happen fast. It has both positive and negative meanings when taken in proper context.  In this case, there is a warning not to jump too quickly at offers or the reverse could be true. Hopefully Veronica will not make snap decision which could lead a painful realization. 

I don’t know about you but I am really curious about the findings in the staff cards of the reading. Just seeing the Dog card as the prediction gives a warm and uplifting feeling.  Continued in Part 2/2

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