Begone traditional Tarot Celtic Cross :)

I am quite intrigued by Vincent Pitisci’s view of the Tarot cards. I’ve been watching his vids pretty much from the beginning of his YouTube channel. He began reading the Tarot around the same time as many of us did. I can really relate to his background and maybe you will too.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Vincent Pitisci’s YouTube vids here is the link ➡ Click here for Vincent’s channel

Vincent has stirred my memories of the Tarot Marseilles. Back when I was learning this deck very little was was written about it in easy to understand format. I like his idea of using the meaning of the numbers when reading the cards with the suits as a secondary consideration. I have half a dozen or so TM decks and was never drawn to them as I am now. I dug through my collection and pulled them all out so I can take pictures of them for upcoming blog posts.

In the above video link above is a 12:05 minutes explaining the way he reads the ten positions of the Celtic cross. If you go on Vincent’s website you can download a keywords sheet for all the cards. I have printed several copies of the blank Celtic Cross sheets and so can you.  ➡ Vincent’s free printouts

After the Christmas festivities are over I plan to share some readings using this format. I will post them on the Centre for Creative Cartomancy blog ➡ CCC.  (Part 1/2 is completed) If you have not subscribed to CCC please do so. That way you will be notified of new posts on a variety of selective topics.  I am thinking of using my 1963 Tarot Marseilles deck and comparing my findings to the Rider deck. I, for one, have read images/directions for decades and I am also a positional (layout) reader.

There will be a special post by a guest writer, perhaps in a day or so, provided she can free up some time to write it. Wishing you all ♥ 

Meredith’s article ➡ Mom’s Last Noel

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