Asking the Gipsy cards Fidelity + Lover + Baby

A friend of mine is coping with a health condition. He has been stable for the past couple of years. His latest blood test showed activity. The doc wants to wait a few months before ordering more blood work to determine a treatment plan if that be the case.

Method of shuffling: I decided to shuffle the cards the usual way while concentrating on my question. This time I did the draw a little differently. I went through the shuffled deck and picked out the card preceding the Lover card (represents him) and the card following.  Not sure why I was lead to do this but I followed my inner directions.

The question for the Gipsy cards is as follows: Will my friend require some sort of treatments in 2019 for his condition?


The cards show he is keeping the faith about the recent findings. The last cards indicates a new situation will develop for him. His condition will be considered in the early stages.

There is no point squeezing meanings out the cards other than to answer the question. The cards are not saying YES but they are hinting at the fact he will be in a needy position like a new born baby.

Subtle indicators point to the necessity of a treatment for his condition.

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