Dream + Lenormand cards predict win for a friend.

July 31, 2012 draft post now public. You will see many of these draft posts over the next few months which I have decided to share. Sometimes I write about certain topics and just save the post. I’m always amused at my earlier posts especially from 2006 – 2009.

I wanted to share a story with you. Last week I had a vision in my dream which ended up materializing exactly the way I saw it. I find this experience both fascinating and disturbing.  


Normally, I dream in symbols which I was taught by my mother (rest in peace mom) how to interpret more in the old fashioned gypsy style. As much as mom would not admit she was psychic she was. Ever since I can remember my mom foretold many accurate predictions from dream interpretation.  She had a little Slovenian book with meanings and also in this book was a Cartomancy section on regular playing cards & the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten.  I managed to tape up the worn pages of this book with no cover and have set it with some of my older fortune telling decks like the black and white  Zigeuner deck published prior to mass reproduction.

I had a dream (believe it or not) of a machine at an entertainment facility. I don’t wan’t to use the name because google search will bundle this post with websites I don’t care to be associated with.  In my dream I saw a screen full of identical symbols.  Mom always told me if you have such a dream and you don’t see yourself getting paid or actually see money in a dream chances are you will win.   Why I had this dream involving a friend is beyond me?

My Inner Knowing was so strong that I did a full board 36 card reading using the Lenormand cards for this friend.  The Gentleman card was the last card in row 2. Above him sat the Stars card. Beneath him sat the Garden, Clover and Fish. I was intrigued by these 4 cards and knew they were confirming my dream. He won several thousands of dollars within 24 hours of this dream/reading. NOTE: there are 5 rows in this variation of a full board layout.

4 Lenormand cards from the last column of my friend’s layout.

STARS: the male was clear about his intention on the day of the win. Later on I found out he was wondering how he was going to pay some outstanding bills which came up.  The amount of money he won exactly covered these debts and gave him 1 month head start until the next set of bills came in.  

GENTLEMAN: represents my male friend. He is a non believer of dreams, Cartomancy or anything related to psychic occurrences. We differ in these belief systems. It was hard for him to even acknowledge the dream/reading for it’s accuracy. His view is that he was lucky that day anyway. My point was that it was at my suggestion he try his luck at the entertainment facility (something I never suggest)

GARDEN: a public like atmosphere when joined by Clover it can suggest an entertainment facility. A group of people gathered for like minded interests.

CLOVER: one of the meanings of this card is some sort of sudden luck. His trip to the entertainment facility was a sudden decision spurred by what I had said about my dream/layout. This outing was not in his schedule as he was planning to do some repairs in his home.

FISH: the money card. Financial increase when coupled with Clover (luck). The result was money in the Gentleman’s pocket. Interestingly, the repairs he thought of doing will still get done but now he can actually pay for the parts and materials without any excess debt.

The other really bizarre thing is my friend got all the symbols which were in my dream on the exact same machine which has those symbols. He actually had a crowd of people clapping at his luck.   

Moral of the Story

If you expect a pat on your back for predictions you have made … guess again.  The bottom line is you helped someone with your gift of Cartomancy interpretation and/or Dream analysis. Avoid suggesting to anyone to take financial risks unless you are a professional financial advisor.   

I believed in my dream interpretation and I knew my mom had a good chuckle the day of the win. Madame Lenormand probably wondered what the heck is this type of entertainment facility?

🙂 🙂 🙂

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