Relationship reading. Trigger layout featuring Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards)

This morning I received an email from a woman having relationship problems. Based on the last several years this is the number one reason for a reading. Then there is work/career (tied in second place with money/finances) and thirdly health/well-being. Jackie and her partner (man) recently had a huge argument over some trivial matters. She is seriously assessing her relationship with Mac. I bet you Mac hasn’t got a clue anything is wrong as ‘some’ women tend to take things more to heart. 🙂 That’s just my guess so far.

Jackie wants me to ask my cards what she should know about her relationship over the next three months. Well, first of all the cards are not going to detail each month day-by-day. The three cards in the columns are a loose summary of a major situation pertaining to the question.

In my Trigger layout, the trigger row will roll it all up in a nutshell. Before I go on I have been asked several times on how to read the last trigger card in relation to the cards above and below it.  That would be the last (SOON) column which I have assigned the 3 month timeframe.  The last card is the result of the preceding trigger cards. The card above it shows an influence connected to it. The card below it shows a possible consequence but you must remember that the last trigger card in the row holds the power. The other two cards can modify it slightly it will not change its initial meaning.  Ok, let’s see what’s going on Jackie’s reading.


Let’s scan over the trigger row.  Yes, I pulled the Sweetheart card to represent Jackie.  For many other posts and instructions on this layout ➡ past Trigger Layout posts


How do you determine the timeframe of the Passing column? Rule of thumb it is the same timeframe you have set for the IMMEDIATE column (column 3). In this case it will be within the last month. Many times when I do the Trigger layout I set only a couple of weeks to the Immediate column and six-week for the Soon column. It depends on the situation and how fast I need to know the potential answers.  

Ok, so we know that within the last 3-4 weeks some sort of news or information was an issue. This could very well be over a matter dealing with the home/family. The last trigger card shows a pile of money. The question is whether or not this money is coming in or going out. Money is a term that covers all that pertains to finances.

Note that the Lover card (Mac) did not show up. Has he taken on the role of the Officer card? (column 3) Will he take off or will she just not give a __ about him any more? Obviously they are not on the same page or she wouldn’t be asking for a reading.

In the Passing column sits the WIDOW + LETTER + VISIT cards. An older woman has been in touch and was discussing a visit. Sounds pretty simple. Is this the reason they are fighting. Is it a mother-in-law? Could be. I want to read the Widow card as a reflection of how Jackie is feeling. She could feel cut off and all alone in the relationship right now. She probably tried to communicate with Mac and maybe even sent him texts. That’s what they do these days. I know many couples that carry on arguments via text. That way that don’t have to deal with each other face to face. The problem with that is more misunderstandings unless there are emoticons and gifs after each sentence. The Visit card represents assistance of some kind. It can mean Jackie was the one helping out. Don’t forget the older woman in the card represents experience. One more point is that perhaps the conversation they had was very icy (widow) and Jackie may have thought of leaving (visit).

In the Now column sits the ANGER + SWEETHEART + THOUGHT cards. Verrrry interesting that the Anger card sits on the Sweetheart’s shoulders. 😡  When Jackie emailed me she was thinking about an argument they had just recently. She will continue to think about it for several days. It must have been a bad one. As they say, “It is what it is.”

For the next column I assigned a one month timeframe given the nature of the question. The ENEMY + HOUSE + OFFICER cards look troublesome. The Enemy card is a real warning that matters within the home are serious. One needs to remember the reason for the reading. The Officer’s personality is very business like. I have to wonder if this isn’t Mac assuming a very non-romantic position over the next few weeks. He could even have not so nice intentions (enemy) making Jackie’s life miserable. The Enemy card is also warning her that in order to maintain harmony in the home certain things need to get done and there needs to be a responsible (officer) approach to their issues. It needs to be determined what their roles are in this relationship.

In the final column sits the JEALOUSY + MONEY + CONSTANCY cards. Someone is going to be coveting the other person’s money or things of value. There are no cards that clearly point to relationship break-up. It looks like envy/jealousy could be the culprit in this relationship. One other meaning of the Jealousy card is territorial. It’s when there is a power struggle. Given that the Money card is the trigger energy this situation is rooted in fights over the finances. The last card Constancy indicates not much will change over the 3 month period. Things will stay the same but in a steady kind of way. I think if the relationship was in jeopardy the trigger row would have had cards to reflect this and they all seem rather positive in nature.

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