How to read the Pages of Shustah cards in the 3-card layout

Today’s post will explain how to read the Pages of Shustah© cards in the 3-card layout found in the accompanying book written by Ann Manser & Cecil North.

This particular question is about the outcome of a surgical procedure. It is health related and is NOT a substitute for any professional medical advice. 

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Position 1: In my view this spot of the layout will give you a pretty good indication of the energy around the answer. You may find a discrepancy here because if it is a negative card and the last card (Result) is positive the answer will still have undertones of negativity. A situation’s outcome can only be as good as the premise card. I have found this out through hundreds of readings. Often the result card is a definite yes answer, however, the premise card depicts doubt therefore it can still be a yes answer but in degrees. Strong yes. Weak yes.

Example: Will I get the job? Big wish result – positive yes. Premise card red Death -definite no. This is a common occurrence with these two cards or vice versa. Watch out you could be accepting a job position with no opportunities for advancement. 

Here we have the yellow Witch Hazel Tree. This is a very positive card implying the odds of surgical success is favoured. This card is all about healing. 

Position 2: This spot represents the situation or the problems. This card is red. Red cards indicate challenges, delays or disappointments.  It’s a card of taking a beating on some level. Any major surgery is a beating on the body.

The red Whip card suggests emotional unhappiness. At the same time, it indicates strong mental /intellectual efforts (positive thoughts, determination, etc.) The patient needs to follow a certain set of rules from persons of authority. There is an element of discipline involved in the outcome of the surgery. Also, a weak emotional outlook will be problematic.

Position 3: The last spot is the result or outcome. This is fairly easy to understand. It could be a ‘yes’ answer or a ‘no’ answer. A lot depends on which card falls in this spot because some cards are a ‘maybe’. If so, you could draw a clarification card although Manser has not suggested this anywhere in the accompanying handbook. Actually there are no examples for the 3-card reading. Coming up with a conclusion of the 3 cards relies on your understanding of the cards in the positions and how to merge them into a summary.

Will the green Unicorn bring a good outcome to the surgical procedure? First of all it shows vital force which is a positive. It can be uncontrolled energy as well. Will something go wrong? Since it is a green card it implies progress, growth and development the surgical procedure most likely will be satisfactory. Remember the first card- it was all about healing. Also, the patient’s emotional attitude (whip) is important in the overall healing. 

How would you read these cards?


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