New Moon layout reading featuring Kipperkarten with updates when available

Today’s post features the original Kipperkarten in the New Moon layout. Basically, it is a 12-card layout. The reading begins with the top 3 cards (week 1) ending with the last 3 cards representing week 4. My thoughts while shuffling consisted of asking my cards what main situations are on my path for the next month.

I shuffled and cut the deck in 3 piles towards the left as I always do. I assembled the cards into one pile. I read left to right one week at a time.

The Main Person card did not show up and neither did that of my partner. This tells me that the potential situations may not be too personal. It is said that this deck is more personal but without the Significators my view differs for this particular reading. Sure, we get involved with other people’s stuff all the time but I don’t think the next month will involve the mechanics of our relationship.

WEEK 1: 20-28-13

HOUSE-EXPECTATION-RICH GOOD LORD: The second card reminds me of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Desire. Both of these cards are about being patient while waiting. The Desire lady gives the feeling the situation is more romantic in nature. In a nutshell, it looks like I will be receiving some news about our home from a fairly decent man. Interestingly, I do have someone coming to give me an estimate. Seeing the Good Lord is a welcome sight. Hopefully, he is in a good mood. 🙂

UPDATE: Well, the good man came today Nov 9/18. He seemed a bit rushed as he was busy doing estimates all day. I waited patiently for him to work out the numbers for some renovations. It was reasonable but not cheap. 🙂

WEEK 2: 29-7-30

PRISON-PLEASANT LETTER-COURT PERSON: The first card reminds me of the Art Deco fortune-telling card Prison. This card is the inside view of the prison whereby the Kipper card isn’t. Looking at the building can be just as intimidating as being inside. 

Will I feel withdrawn for some reason in week two?  Sometimes it’s a self-made restrictive situation. I do pull back from everything and get into myself. There should be some good news this week but I have to wonder with the last card. Will there be an official letter coming in the mail. Well, maybe my partner and I will engage in a dispute this week because of a letter/news.

WEEK 3: 34-9-18

WORK-CHANGE-SMALL CHILD: I’d like to share part of a post I wrote 11 years ago about the Work card. 

“What I like about the Kipper cards is the fact that there is a work or occupation card. It is very easy to identify and it shows a man working in his garden. This cards represents any kind of work that you do. Usually when we think of work we associate a pay check with it. When you stop to think about it, doing laundry or shovelling the snow is work. I think the essence of the Work card is as such. When combined with other cards you can determine who is working at what & why. Information will be revealed as to the type of job or occupation or if there is an issue surrounding the place of employment. If you are not working card #34 can be  welcome when it falls in the near future -it shows an opportunity coming your way.The Kipper deck also has it’s share of negative or challenging cards as does the Lenormand, Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten etc. Interestingly there is a coffin/death card #19. When these two cards are in combination it will suggest the obvious- an ending of some sort, It can be the completion of a contract, quitting, getting fired or accepting another position but staying with the same company. 

When the Work card is beside card #1 or card #2 (representing the people getting the cards read) it will indicate that there is much work ahead. Cards can also be used as adjectives and will describe a person. In this case – a workaholic. 

Coupled with the Illness card the interpretation could be that the person will work hard to get better “or” and yes there always is an “or”- they are fatigued from being overworked.”

Week 3 will be around the 21st of November. This week I will be shopping around for a gift for my grandson that will be turning eight years old. OMG time flies. It feels like he was just a baby not too long ago. No doubt I will be working at finding a gift. With the Change card in the middle I may decide to get something totally different the last minute. Ok, these cards may not be pointing to my grandson’s birthday but I’m pretty sure my grandkids will be involved. Week 3 could involve putting some effort into making some changes around the house that will make me excited like a little kid. We shall see….

WEEK 4: 4-24-17

MEETING-THEFT-GIFT: Booo on the Theft card. Is someone going to visit me and steal something that I value? It can’t be simple as that and not so nice. This week shows that I will ‘feel’ some loss. Maybe a conversation is a lost cause. The trio ends with the Gift card but the thief in the image of the card has his back to it. So, I want to read that as something being misplaced. The Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Thief card is facing the same way. He looks a bit more sinister. 🙂 

Before I conclude just to let you know I am not following any set of rules on how to read the Kipperkarten. I read directions in the images and do factor in some core meanings but you know a lot of meanings are just common sense. I read the Kipperkarten, Zigeuner and Biedermeir the same way. That’s just my view.

For the Kipperkarten location layout reading follow this link to the Centre for Creative Cartomancy blog ➡  CCC




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