You don’t need a GT layout to ask 1 single question but it helps…

You can probably tell I’m breaking in the Rana George Lenormand by doing readings with them. As with many decks I own they sit pretty on the shelf waiting for me to pick them. The GT below is from my last client. She is aware I am using the image of her reading.

When the session was over she had one question which wasn’t answered directly by the cards in the reading. She wanted to know if her art exhibition would be financially successful.

The Lady has a red square around her. She sits in the Heart House. This suggests that she is very passionate about her art. The Heart card is situated above the Lady in the Bear house. This indicates she is very sure of herself and proud of her work. One should not forget that the Scythe card touches the Heart card. I want to read this as a subconscious fear (Clouds house) that her work will not sell.  In the Fish House lies the Gentleman card. This would be her husband. It shows he is very supportive of her work and could actually make a purchase himself.  The Gentleman could also mean another man that is as passionate about her art. The Significators face each other so they will work together at this event. The Fish card lies in the Sun house. What a wonderful placement. This indicates a very successful event. The Park house (public events) has the Lily card. Again, this could be a man of darker colouring that is attracted to the Lady. Since the Path card lies in the Lily house there might be a difficult choice ahead for the man as he likes more than one piece. The Lady will embrace the Sun card ahead of her for it will last but a short time (Cross card). The Gentleman is very optimistic (Sun card above him) on the day of the art show but he could be a little jealous (Bouquet card in Snake house) of the attention the Lady is receiving at the event.

The main points have been studied in relation to her question and perhaps a little too involved. The GT reading is about many other things in her life. Most of the time I would just select the card to represent the question and find it in the GT. Then I would read the block of 9 cards around it or as many cards as available. Today, I strayed a little. 🙂 The Lady should have a good financial outcome to her show.

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