Seaqueen’s Trigger layout in the earlier years

How different is your perception on the Lenormand over the years? I have a good chuckle when I read my blog from conception. Even my manner of writing was a bit studious. Not sure what I was thinking by not showing the entire Trigger layout in the image.  🙂 I think the focus was the final two cards. 

Obviously, I did not have a good digital camera. I had a cell phone but the camera on it sucked unlike the amazing photos you can capture these days.

Would I interpret the cards in a similar fashion today?  My interpretation would not differ much but the post structure would be. 

I’ve had a few requests to bring back the Parapath newsletter.  I would have to begin a new mailing list. If you are interested please send me a private message or email me. 

Mäuse, Garten, Fuch. Kisegér kert róka. Ratones, jardín, zorro. Souris, jardin, renard. マウス、庭、孤

The last 3 cards in the vertical column of the Simple Layout signifying SOON, probably within a week.

The answer came within 1 week of I.’s interview. The original analysis showed promising results according to the Sept 15th post, however if you look at the combinations there was a hint of the SOON outcome that does not shed a positive outcome. This reading could still materialize even though initially the job position was offered to someone else. The cards do reveal the future possibilities and our experiences are just pieces of the puzzle- the larger overall jigsaw puzzle of life.

clover+fox=hope for job (yes I. was extremely hopeful for this position)
garden+fox=well known company, sly co-workers (yes, it was a well known company, the slyness could be that I. was lead to believe that she had the right qualifications in the first interview)
clouds+stork=because of King of clubs there will be a change (I. was interviewed by a man – the change is probably the “loss” shown beside the stork card depicted by the mice/mouse.

stork+mice=changes producing loss(the changes would be about the company, weight loss)

clouds+stork=short postponement(the delay could be the waiting time to get the call for a second interview)
bear+clouds=weakened state of mind(I. was in a tired state prior to the interview due to chronic insomnia)

Looking closer at the book & garden. The 2 cards point to creative writing and having artistic talent. The garden is a pleasing environment. The mouse cards suggest also patience and intelligence which leads to the fulfillment of goals…a slow process (erosion is a slow process). I get the sense that I.’s real passion is contained in the meaning of the garden card. Could be erosion of creativity-by not doing what she really wants to do.

The mouse is delay. Clouds & mouse=short delay.

One of fox’s meanings is wrong timing. Maybe, the wrong type of organization.

Stork & Book = an unforeseen change or an outcome that wasn’t expected (clover)

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