What do the regular playing cards reveal?

In my earlier reading years, I always prefaced a 10-card Celtic Cross Tarot reading with a layout of 15 regular playing cards. I used Regina Russell’s Cartomancy (Card Reader’s Handbook) system since the mid 1970’s. To the best of my knowledge I don’t think much has changed over the years with the meanings of the cards. I liked doing my reading routine this way because I viewed the regular cards as my fortune-telling deck. I found the time line exceeded the 2 months in many cases. Then I continued with the Tarot card reading. I would never view them as a fortune-telling deck back in the 1970’s. There was definitely a thick line between the Tarot and other decks. Luckily, I read gypsy/playing cards first and then Tarot. I think it is more of challenge to change gears from Tarot to gypsy cards:) Moving along, here I found more in-depth information which usually expanded on some points from the regular playing card findings. Many times it was something totally different. It was a nice mixture. For one of my posts explaining the 15-card layout ➡ CLICK HERE

So where do you start? Well, you take note of the suits, look at the cards topping the fans (trio of cards), assess the Court cards and look for obvious combinations.  I used the combinations in the handbook but I also used those same combinations if they fell somewhere in the layout. In the latter case, I discovered the meaning was still valid but maybe not as intense. I will blog about major points in this reading. If you have any questions please ask in the comments sections.

Ok here we go. All fans have good cards except the top of which has Ace of Spades. There are only 2 spades in the layout so there shouldn’t be too many hassles and the top fan will experience most of it. There is a predominance of Clubs suggesting a busy time or even stress/anxiety. There are a couple of Hearts indicating this reading isn’t really about love/relationships. There are 5 Diamonds which run in 2nd place to importance. The Court cards represent people in the client’s life and one of them can represent the client as well. That one you need to figure out. 

We begin the reading with the Ace ♣ fan. After you are done explaining these cards to the client ask if it has already happened because it could be on the verge of happening. Note there are 2 Aces which suggest some major changes comes within two months. Don’t forget to look for combinations right from the beginning. Ace ♣ combines with many cards. When coupled with the King of Diamonds it could be someone in or work at a school. It can be someone in the service. Since the Jack of Diamonds is in the center it can be a college, hotel or restaurant. Also, with the 4 ♣ (top fan) there could be papers signed because of a vehicle maybe a bill which by way is topped by a spade suggesting car repairs. You’ll understand more of what’s going on as you go through the fans but keep the combinations in mind. The fan ends with the 6 ♣. This King could be a teacher or someone with teaching skills since the 4 ♣ is in the layout as well. Many possibilities. The 6♣ is also a conversation card suggesting the King of Diamonds wants to talk.  In a nutshell, there is a man connected to either a school or the service that will want to discuss a situation. Who is this person? Ask the client if this makes sense.  

The middle fan reflects what is the closest to the client as in person, situation or even how they are feeling. We have two 2’s. The power up each other. The Jack of Diamonds is a younger man. He is topped by the 2 of spades strongly suggesting the client will be separated from him. This will be a surprise (two 2’s). The 4 of Diamonds is in the bottom fan suggesting a forced change of residence. The bottom fan is about what the client doesn’t want or doesn’t want to hear. Back to the Ace of Clubs in previous fan this indicates separation papers. Since the 2 ♣ tops the fan this situation is for the benefit of the Jack of Diamonds. The last card is a helping hand so the situation may not be so drastic.

The right fan begins with one of the Heart cards. This looks like an offer coming. It would be something new. It’s an opportunity. The other two cards are not spades so it looks promising. There might be some heavy-duty negotiations with the 7 ♣. This card often suggests an argument too. Coming up is a serious evaluation ending with the 10 of Diamonds – $$$. (Ace ♣4♣10=purchase of vehicle).This is a good fan of cards pointing to a problem/situation being resolved. Maybe that conversation (1st fan) is all about this.

The bottom fan can indicate delays or things that would take longer. It also represents the unwanted situations. The 5 of Diamonds touches the Jack of Diamonds in the center fan. This means the man is very fond of the client. I like to look at this card as the shopping card. The next card, 4 of Diamonds is a new apartment or flat. It signifies the potential for a change of residence. Maybe the client will be involved in shopping for a new place to live connected to the Jack of Diamonds. The 2 ♣ in center fan with the Jack combined with this cards indicates the client will help him move to a new apartment. You see how you string the cards together to tell a story. The fan ends in a wonderful Heart card. Even though this is the delay fan it end well. The 3 of Hearts could be a party after all is said and done.  It’s a card of satisfaction.

And lastly, the top fan probably begins with the client’s card as she fits the description of the Queen ♣. She is sitting in the future looking away from the Ace of Spades. She doesn’t want to deal with the following two cards. Since the 4 ♣ falls over her this means she will receive a phone call/text, etc. It is also a vehicle, hopefully not, because the spade card is beside it which suggest trouble. The Ace ♠can represent a new situation. It is a decision. It is also negative. Since it is on top of the fan the decision is yet to be made within two months. There are no other cards that point to really negative things. Yes, the 2 ♠ is there but there needs to be a 5 or 6 of Spades to predict any thing really negative. What could happen is the client might feel upset if something went wrong with the vehicle. She might be upset at the phone call she will receive as well. 

There are many more probabilities. It’s not easy to pull cards out of the reading and write about them because the cards all work together. They are linked. Even the last card of top fan + last card of middle fan + last card of bottom fan = a fan of 3 cards that can be interpreted. So, take your time when reading the cards using RR’s cartomancy system. 

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