Asking the Lenormand an important question. UPDATE: SEPT 19.18

➡ UPDATE to reading added Sept 19.18

I received a text this morning from a former neighbour sharing a situation about her father. Text, text, text everybody is texting. What ever happened to the human connection of talking to each other within a local distance or even long-distance. :/ Marie was alarmed about her father (early senior). She went to visit him and his leg was swollen to the point he couldn’t walk without the assistance of crutches.  I wondered why she didn’t take him to the emergency department. She explained that he refused to go to the hospital because he had a doctor’s appointment early tomorrow morning. This is a little background of the situation. 

I have always been fond of the 3-card layout. If you want some additional information on how to read the Lenormand cards in a trio layout check out Malkiel Dietrich’s new YouTube video.

Ok, back to the reason behind the incoming phone call. Marie wants to know if there is a serious underlying condition regarding the leg swelling. That question is loaded. I know she wants to know a specific condition and I am not trained in medical advice so I won’t give it. All I will do is read the cards and offer suggestions and probabilities. In some cases the condition is spelled out by the cards and other times it isn’t. I believe it is up to the discretion of the reader how they deliver the advice of the cards. It seems more and more people are asking about health conditions.

I shuffled the deck, cut it the usual way I do and laid the cards out. I am featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand. I did replace the Gentleman card with extended edition Gentleman. I, too, like when the Significators face each other. 

I didn’t put the first card in the middle like Malkiel did in the video. I put the first card to the far left and continued across (a) 🐻 BEAR+TREE+FISH. If I did the layout in the same sequence as he did then I would have gotten (b) TREE+BEAR+FISH. Malkiel if you are reading this please comment what the major difference would be in the outcome of the reading had the 🐻 Bear card been in the middle of the layout. Layout (b) has the same resulting card, however, the middle card does influence it. Let’s see what I can derive from layout (a).

Bear opens the layout. This is a strong energy but it can be quite overpowering as well. I know some people associate the Bear card with allergies or some abdominal disorder in health readings. When combined with the Tree card it could suggest good overall vitality. But, on the other hand, it could suggest Marie’s father is overwhelmed by a health condition. I like the physical strength meaning. The last card is a financial card but not in this case. If the Fish card does represent water type occupations then it could represent fluid retention. At first glance, I didn’t really feel there was a serious underlying condition, although, it could be if the kidney’s and bladder are involved (another association with this card).

I really don’t use the cards in that way but I thought I’d mention the bit about kidneys and bladder for those of you that use those meanings. I will probably find out what’s going on later next week ‘if’ Marie calls me.

➡ UPDATE: Sept 19.18. Marie sent me a text informing me that her father went to see the doctor. His leg is much better. The swelling subsided quite a bit since she saw him. Apparently it was some kind of fluid build up and she offered no other information. 

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