Pages of Shustah 3 Daily cards

Another one of my favourite decks is the Pages of Shustah. I have written about these cards many times. ➡ SHUSTAH POSTS

I thought I would do a 3 card daily draw without asking any question. The only thing on my mind was seeking general ‘energy’ guidance. This way you can get a glimpse of what you may be dealing with and how best to handle it.

The 3-card layout does have predefined positions. PREMISE. SITUATION. RESULT. In the past, I placed more emphasis on the last card to provide an answer. Now, that is not as important as the process. Within the process are clues on changes you could make if you do not like the result card.  Sometimes I go deeply into the cards and other times I keep it light. When I was de-cluttering last weekend I found two full boxes of handwritten cartomancy notes dating prior to the Internet. I was meticulous in my research and study of the readings.

Today’s colours are yellow-blue-yellow.

It’s a good idea to understand the energy of the colours. Keep in mind that not every single card’s meaning will match the colour meaning but most do.

First of all, I see the blue colour being sandwiched in by the yellow energy. The blue colour is all about serenity and benign energy but constructive efforts. The yellow colour is creativity and spiritual awareness or the possibility of material gain which is on a physical level. With the red colour missing there shouldn’t be too many obstacles or disappointments. With the green colour missing there will be lack of giant steps in developments of situations.

What’s the best that can happen today? Witch hazel tree: healing, good karma, general contentment.

What’s the situation at hand? Celestial Bees: Keeping busy, activity, enthusiasm. 

What’s the best result? Lord of Power: Concentration, containing personal power, control of vitality.   

These three cards advise that any situation which arises today can be dealt with by taking care of what is necessary to maintain peace of mind.

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