introducing Rainring Card #2 – The Matriarch

Today’s post features the Matriarch. The Rainring ® cards can be found beneath the Header labeled RAINRING SERIES for future articles.

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Please read the article below to understand the flow of the story of the Rainring® . As mentioned in the first post having some background into the birthing process is both interesting and beneficial.

As an advice card for a daily draw: First of all, think about whether you are the observer (unknown he) of the scene in the card or the woman tending to the child. I employ this perspective to reading any image. In the article it states your emotional needs are not met – it’s a challenge. I thought about this for a while before continuing with this part of the post. If it’s a challenge then by practicing patience (art of active waiting) it can be done.

If you drew this card today, it could be telling you to observe what’s going on around you. Who needs who? Who needs what?

Take care of what you need to take care of and if the going gets tough just keep on walking. Of course, there are many more messages within this card.  What feelings do you get?


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