3-card Lenormand reading with Clarification card. Is it yes or is it a no answer?

I posed this reading in one of my groups. I had some super interpretations from the participants. I wanted to share a few of my own observations about the cards in relation to the question.

QUESTION: Will the male client’s condition (minor blood count increase) correct itself. What he is really asking the cards is if prescribed drugs be avoided. Cards: A S S Altenburger Lenormand Playing Cards 

The question if fairly clear. Actually, it is two questions but they go hand-in-hand. I usually read three cards as past, current and answer (future). 

The Letter probably indicates the doctor’s blood requisition received by the male client to get the blood test. Otherwise, he would not know his blood counts increased. The cause for the increase is not the subject of the reading.

The Clouds is suggesting not all was clear about the blood levels. With this card it is more of a challenge to determine the dark side of the clouds. I will use the King of Clubs to determine the direction in this case. He faces to the left so his back is the darker side of the clouds facing the Mouse card. You may not see this but it makes sense to me.  🙂

The Mouse card reveals the answer. The answer, of course, is in the immediate future. Our friend is not exactly what we want to see. This is a deterioration process, however, I want to point out that the Mouse card minimizes or lessens something. So, if the blood count increased then it should decrease. Right?

It feel like the answer is yes based on the meaning of the Mouse card and that the count would correct itself without meds. The majority of the group participants felt that the count’s would not correct themselves and the client would need medication. If the Mouse card is a lessening effect then it would clear up the confusion of the Clouds card. On the other hand, his condition could worsen if he did not get meds. I drew a Clarification card because I could see a definite yes and a definite no answer within these three cards. This doesn’t happen too often. The other thing is the client is stressed out waiting for the outcome which is another Mouse characteristic. We need to keep on track and answer the question.

The Park/Garden card could predict more attention to follow. He could be seen by someone else. That would tie into if meds were required. It is a card of teamwork which hints at meds. However, if the opposite were true that his blood counts would be corrected on their own perhaps he needs to stop fretting and go out and have a good time. 

I’ve added some observations on probabilities. How would you interpret this reading?

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