introducing Rainring Card #1 Flow-Singer

The first two posts introducing the Rainring ® cards will be on the main part of my blog. I have created a special page beneath the Header labeled RAINRING SERIES for future articles. I will write a short blurb to let you know the next set of cards is ready for your viewing. Peter Ryley, will submit articles every couple of weeks. As things stand there will be four cards a month available to study. There will be special months featuring 6-8 cards as well.  I hope you enjoy this journey into the Rainring®. I am looking forward to it and will share some of my insights as well. Comments and feedback welcome.

When you decide that you would like to purchase the cards please visit the links below for additional information.

Rainring website ➡ RAINRING

Rainring blog ➡ BLOG

The first card in the RAINRING® series is FLOW-SINGER. If you click on the image you can save it. Let me know in the comments (or FB) if there are any issues.

Please read the article below beginning to end. It is important to understand the story of Rainring® . You don’t have to memorize it 🙂 but as with all systems it is helpful to know the birthing process.

As an advice card for a daily draw Flow-Singer is tapping into your aura. She reminds you that you are more centered than you think you are. No matter what situation crosses your path you will be able to deal with things from a more balanced perspective. What stories are you creating in your life today? 

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