Rainring course lessons beginning soon

Hello everyone,

A new series of tutorial posts will begin next week featuring the Rainring cards. Each lesson format is written by the creator of the deck, Mr. Peter Ryley. If you are not familiar with this system please watch the explanatory vid below. 


Peter will be my guest blogger. Who better to learn from than the person who had this concept in the first place. I will add a short blurb at the beginning of each lesson. This is a wonderful learning opportunity. 


RAINRING Ask my Cards BLOG CATEGORY  ➡  here

Of course, I will continue writing other interesting posts which feature various layouts, card systems and my own out of the box views on topics. 

Advertisements following this post are not in my control.

2 thoughts on “Rainring course lessons beginning soon

  1. Considering the amount of time I spend online, hoovering up information about All The Cards, I’m astonished that I had never stumbled across Rainring. That omission has now been rectified, thank you Madame Seaqueen, and I am awaiting my deck and book! Very much looking forward to the series.

    • Hi Judy. Glad you are interested in the series. I, too, am looking forward to this learning experience. I think there is a place in the Cartomancy world for the Rainring. To me, it’s a nice blend of various levels of cartomancy. Don’t hesitate in addressing questions directly to Peter in the comments section.

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