Part 2.2 Chakra layout featuring the TAROT

Let’s see what the Chakra layout reveals using the Tarot cards. Woman is asking about her well-being. She wants to know which chakra(s) are affected. 

  1. ROOT- 10 of cups.  This cards shows the woman is grounded in her personal happiness and family. Could she be concerned how her health issues are affecting the family? This chakra is not blocked.

  2. SACRAL- Magician. She believes in manifestation and that all she has to do is take appropriate steps and action along with her desire to the road of recovery. She has many resources at hand. This chakra is not blocked.

  3. SOLAR PLEXUS- 9 of wands. This card suggests much anxiety and stress. No, she is not empowered. Does she have the discipline to use all the resources at hand? She might have the passion but does she have the intellectual drive?  She may hesitate in moving ahead because of past struggles related to her health. This chakra is blocked.  Some healing stones associated with this chakra are tiger’s eye and citrine. 

  4. HEART- The Lovers.  The big question here is whether or not she loves herself. The Major Arcana suggests she might be making decisions about herself in relation to her relationships. Perhaps too much emotional concern for others rather than herself.  This chakra is not blocked perhaps a bit too open.

  5. THROAT- The World. I have always read this card to mean a yes. In connection with this chakra I do think she speaks her truth and will speak out if she sees it is necessary. This chakra is not blocked.

  6. THIRD EYE- 3 of swords. This card hinders an open chakra thus it is blocked. Much of her insights are coloured by intellectual pain. She knows lots. She knows her intuition wasn’t always right. It was rooted in fear.

  7. CROWN- 4 of cups. The woman could have her head in the clouds perhaps daydreaming about potential solution. This chakra is blocked by her own lack of interest.

Now that the woman is aware of which chakras are blocked how will she help herself in relation to her well-being? I would suggest releasing the blocks in the Solar Plexus first and rest will follow eventually. 

Of course, there are other ways to read the chakras and the Tarot cards. The above post is an oversimplified way of reading this layout. 

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