Part 1/2 Chakra layout featuring the Lenormand. Part 2/2 TAROT

The chakra descriptions can vary. The meanings in the chart are my summaries.

I shuffled the cards, cut them in three piles to the left and reassembled into one pile. I took the first card and placed it at the first main chakra on the bottom. The process was continued until I had seven cards. I have a blank sheet and use one of my mini Lenormand decks. 

Here is the template:


You don’t have to ask a question but if you do each chakra position is connected to that question. When you don’t ask a question the layout is like a card for the day reading except it’s chakra guidance for the day. Try the layout and let me know if you like it. Other decks of cards can be used successfully as well so don’t limit this layout to just Lenormand.

I did ask a simple question. What is the energy condition of my Chakras?

ROOT: The Tree card indicates that I am rooted in my well being. The tree grows in the earth. Mind you there have been some situations that have stirred me up. I want to read this card as worry about health. This Chakra’s energy is definitely wrapped up in survival. Funny, I’ve been crocheting with a lot of red yarn lately.

SACRAL: The Child card suggests that I am addressing some emotions in a new way.  My passion lies in my creativity. My approach is like that of a child with a new toy when it involves creativity. This Chakra still needs refinement as it is in the beginning stages (again). Funny, I’ve been planning to create an orange paracord bracelet with a peace sign.

SOLAR PLEXUS: The Bear card indicates intellectual strength. Yes, most of the time I am on my game. This Chakra’s energy is at optimal level.

HEART: The Fish card is telling me my emotions are tied up with finances right now. This Chakra’s energy is more of an ebb and flow. You’d think the Gentleman or House would sit here. 🙂 Also, the King of Diamonds is the one-eyed king so best have both eyes open in the grand scheme of things.

THROAT: The Fox card is suggesting I might be speaking my truth to get what I want and the intention is never to harm anyone. The energy of this Chakra is experiencing some static. Will need to wear some blue stones. Funny, I’ve been attracted to wearing blue tops lately. 

THIRD EYE: The Key card tells me I know the solutions. If I look deep enough I will recognize my knowing (this is something I do not take for granted). This Chakra’s energy would need some energy from the Solar Plexus. I have tons of amethyst around the house. Maybe too much?

CROWN: The Stars card provides a good connection. This Chakra’s energy is as it should be. It’s not overly blocked nor is it wide open. 

So, you see it’s an easy peasy reading. Just remember to use the card meaning that connects to the question plus consider what the card’s meaning is telling you about the Chakra. I’ve had a request to demonstrate the Chakra layout using the Tarot cards. I will do that in the next post 2/2 TAROT. 


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