Asking Lenormand about renovations

Today’s shuffle was for a girlfriend. 

Question: She wanted to know if she would have any problems with her roof after the men came and installed a new one.

With the opening card being the Fox I have to wonder if my girlfriend made a wrong decision on some level. Let’s look further….

Fox and Ring could imply that something not quite right with the contract she signed. It was also signed out of need. I’ll explain below.

As the layout continues we get to the Heart card which deals with her feelings. It could also indicate the relationship she has with the contractors. 

The Fish card speaks about the outlay of money. And finally, she sits as the closing card depicted by the Lady card.

If we stop and think about her question the Lady card suggests it’s all up to her if she wants to make a problem out of it. There is no evidence in the cards excluding the Fox that something would go wrong.

The Fox card does mirror the Lady card so maybe she is prone to suspicion. Let’s add the cards up to see if there is a secret message. 126=9 The Bouquet. This energy is uplifting. It could even indicate a bonus (gift) in the form of a discount. And that’s stretching it a bit. 🙂

I always get annoyed when I see the Fox card but it does only what is necessary to survive. Of course, the roofing company is self-serving. It’s all about business. With the Heart card not too far away it’s a mutual relationship – my girlfriend needs a new roof and the company will provide one. Ring and Heart speaks of being bound together. 

I want to read Fish and Lady as my girlfriend experiencing fulfillment. I think if the last two cards were troublesome like the Scythe, Mountain, Coffin or Snake then problems could arise. The company may have enticed (Bouquet) her with something.  I think all will be ok.


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