Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn. Week ahead layout (will include updates on the cards)

Today, I decided to play with the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn since I had them set aside for a couple of E-readings I did a few weeks ago. The feedback from those readings rated fairly high in accuracy. Actually, I have the original set from six years ago and a more recent copy which is exactly the same. ➡ The Tarot Lady‘s (Theresa Reed) review. BTW if you would like to include a link to your review please leave it in the comments section. TIA

This post isn’t a review (well sort of 🙂 ) on Rae’s system but a look at one of the layouts in the 94 page accompanying booklet. The great thing about these round cards is the name of the card is on the card with meanings on the bottom. You will see this in the image. Mind you I prefer cards with no meanings on cards when I use them with clients – this adds more mystique to the entire process. Don’t forget that those meanings are a foundational and in my view you should allow yourself to explore other levels of meanings.

My background is more in reading coffee grounds rather than tea leaves but symbol meaning for the most part are similar. Also, depending on what you have learned about dream symbols you will see a connection as well although I think that’s a more Eastern European ‘thing’.

I did not include the 12 Months of the Year cards or the 6 Astral House cards when I shuffled the deck. So, that means 200-12-6 = 182 cards. And, speaking of shuffling that is an interesting process in itself. Some people fan all the cards on a table or on the floor. Some put all the cards in the included organza style bag. I love the 9 x 12″ bag because it is well made- no fraying inside at the seams because they are double stitched.

(I created the heading UPDATE below because I plan to add follow up comments about the cards)

Week ahead layout 

My cards for the week ahead


Wed 15 – LILY spiritual love. Any time I blog I share spiritual love.  🙂 The day is early so we shall see how this card plays out.

15th UPDATE: request for two friends reading.

Thurs 16 – ROOSTER arrogant /boastful person you should not cross. ➡ I rarely shy away from such individuals (Aries/Mars Aries/Mercury) – past life warrior, lol)

16th UPDATE: news of neighbour’s death

Remembering Elvis Presley today as I do every year. I have vivid memories of that last concert date Elvis did because I was planning to see it with a girlfriend but the ‘husbands’ of that time gave us a hard time so we did not go. It was his last live performance.  😦

Fri 17 – BREAD period of prosperity and abundance. ➡ Sounds good!

17th UPDATE: mother/daughter afternoon- abundance on all levels. Also needs are met. Bread is a symbolizes lack of want. 

Sat 18 BUTTERFLY change for the better. ➡ Always welcome!

18th UPDATE: nothing significant

Sun 19 DARK WOMAN dealing with darker haired woman. ➡ One of two people will update.

19th UPDATE: Female friend showed up for visit

Mon 20 PAIL time to get out of a situation. ➡ I do not like this card for today. I’ll explain in more detail when I do the update- involves a scheduled assessment.

20th UPDATE: AC inspected. Replacement needed.

Tues 21 VINE seek out information that will help you. ➡ Wonder if this is tied into the PAIL card. 

21st UPDATE: Decluttering beginning in the lower level (basement)








So, you see the meanings are quite simple and as always your own feelings rule!

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