Asking Gipsy cards to expand on the guidance of Tarot High Priestess

A member of my FB Ziguener Wahrsagekarten group has given me permission to use his reading. I found his question and layout quite intriguing and wanted to share it with you. Thank you Andrew.

Card of the day: High Priestess

Asking Ziguener Wahrsagekarten how to work on expanding inner potential in a practical way. Sadness, Falseness & Message.

“The Sadness card seems to suggest that hidden and unfilled wisdom is concealed in self-inflicted boundaries. Focusing on the physical attributes of these boundaries won’t make positive and practical changes. The Message card is the coming of theCosmic Whack. It reveals an awakening that I am focusing in the wrong direction. Next to the Falseness card, it reinforces the message that allowing daily events to take control of my attitude will keep me stuck in the physical and mundane events than reaching beyond it. To make it practical I am advised to adjust my vision on how I want to experience my day.” (Great interpretation)

Image by Andrew W

The High Priestess provides different ‘messages’. It all depends on your understanding of the card. You can use the traditional meanings or you can use meanings that call out to you. The same applies to any of the Tarot cards in the deck.

The opening card, Sadness, sets the tone for the trio of cards. I usually read the first card as a passing energy. However, with Andrew’s question I would read it collectively with the other two cards. He is wanting specific advice. The woman in the card has her head down. She might not be sad at all but more disappointed because she is wishing a situation wasn’t as it is. Also, it could indicate too much focus on self-doubt.

As a rule, the Falseness card sheds some negativity but it could also be talking about uncovering the truth. Uncovering the blockage of the first card which would enable a clear path to the last card Message = expanding inner potential.  The rest falls into place  

There are other ways to interpret these cards. What do you think?

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