….and then there’s the Rainring cards system. An adventure into your mind.

Please listen to Peter Ryley’s short vid below. He is the talented creator of the Rainring Cards system.  ➡ Link to a list of 2007 posts including readings on the Rainring cards- CLICK HERE

“……how can we take unconscious elements of a situation into account when, by definition, we do not know about them? The answer is that we must employ a device which enables us to tap into the unconscious.A skilled practitioner will require no more than a bag of bones, a heap of tea leaves (or indeed a freshly-eviscerated goat) to do this. However, for those of us without this particular expertise, things are made easier by the existence of systematic decoders, of which the two best known are the I Ching from ancient China, and the Tarot from mediaeval Europe. Rainring is intended to fulfil a similar function. “ P. Ryley.

The article below is written by Peter Ryley.




2 thoughts on “….and then there’s the Rainring cards system. An adventure into your mind.

  1. Hi Sequeen,
    thanks for featuring this short article, and the links to your archive posts on the Rainring cards. The above I wrote rather quickly and without any real reflection, but would like to come back to it now and fill it out a little.
    When I first finished Rainring, over 20 years ago, I had the basically arrogant attitude of waiting for people to come to it, which didn’t happen to any great extent. Over the years, I’ve come to accept that – no matter how distasteful I find the process – if I am serious about Rainring I have to be willing to ‘get down and dirty’ in the material world and do what i can to make it accessible – I must walk to the middle of the bridge, rather than staying on one bank of the river. I say ‘must’ in the sense of ‘if I am serious about wanting these cards to become known’. If I think Rainring is capable of bringing a genuine benefit to many people, then I have to be willing to take it to market, rather than waiting for anyone to be willing to overcome the obstacles needed to come and knock on my door, to use another mataphor.

    My interactions with Seaqueen a decade ago were, that is, exceptional and not part of a consistent, long-maintained pattern of trying to get the cards known. Since that time (the creation of the Rainring website), I have had a long (dissilusioned) spell of doing nothing much, and only over the last three years or so begun to make greater efforts towards improving the accessibility of Rainring cards. Coming out of this period, I started to write, and wo years ago, published ‘A Guide to Rainring Cards’, a full-length book which deals in some depth with the meanings of the cards. Last year I completed a series of videos to be found on You Tube under Rainring Cards, and this year Hacina and I bought a camper van, one use of which is aimed to be to take the cards on the road and read in public. I have also developed these last months a parallel version of the cards inteded for psychics and clairvoyants, and which will be available once I can fund it. [The 1-mention version]

    This leaves one major project which absolutely must be completed, and which I am now working on. The illustrations on the cards were created, with general supervision by myself, by four young local illustrators. The source for the illustrations was a story written for this purpose. That story is unpublished. However, I’m not happy with some elements in it and there have to be some modifications, though these will NOT effect the illustrations. I originally intended that the story would be published as a series of pages with an illustration on the left-hand page and text on the right opposite. But the story got too long for that. So, what I am working on now is exactly this format (using a 148mm square page size), but with text explaining the significance of each illustration in the story, rather than reproducing the whole text verbatim.

    Going back to look at Sequeen’s interpretations of the images, I realise even more how crucial it is for users of the cards to have an insight into the background and intention of each image. Hopefully, this will enable a more effective marriage of clairvoyant insight with a more cerebral awareness of the psychological elements being featured.

    Finally, I would like to use this space to appeal to anyone interested in Rainring to push the name – around the web in particular. We are so bomarded by slogans, images, branding, names that nothing, it seems, can make its presence felt in the psyche unless it is constantly shouted about. I don’t think Rainring is, or indeed should be, destined to be a mass-market product. However, even for it just to manage to occupy its appropriate niche is, I think still going to rquire a lot of pushing. As a small gesture in this direction, I’d like to extend to readers of Ask My Cards an exceptional offer: for the 4-mention cards plus the book – at a non-commercial price, to create an opportunity for ‘early adopters’ to get to grips with Rainring. This offer [see SPECIAL on the rainringcards.com shop] is good until the end of 2018.

    I’d like to end by once again expressing publicly my thanks to Seaqueen who has been willing, among all the cacophany of cards being created and promoted nowadays, to recognise that Rainring deserves at very least not to disappear without trace. Thank you!

  2. Hello. Few years ago I’ve found your cards in Internet and I liked them so much, but haven’t an ability to buy them, because such ability was absent. But now I glad to hear that you’ve decided to give them a new life. If you want, I can translate cards and book to russian and to help you to realise you wish – make them famous. It’s for free! I need just the book, cards set and your agreement. You can contact me on Facebook.
    Best regards!

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