Lenormand GT- Part 2/2. block of cards around the Heart + update

Lenormand GT- Block of cards around the Heart.  Part 2/2 

Let’s look at the entourage around the Heart card. 

The Scythe is next to the Heart card. This indicates an emotional wounding from some changes possibly connected to finances.  The Scythe is before the Adam’s card in this GT layout. It sits in the Anchor house representing work. Adam is looking at the Stars card positioned in the Ring house. He’s hoping everything will be ok and continue normally after finding out his boss was let go. I told Ann in the email that circumstances around Adam’s job were unsettling and that he should prepare for some news that will affect his financial position.

Adam got fired. 😦

Reason: business restructuring. He has no chance to return once the restructuring is completed because he did not get laid off he got axed.

Since this is Ann’s reading she got a glimpse into this pending situation around Adam before it happened. Notice the Sun card above the Gentleman. Adam did not see this coming at all. There will be a new development (Child) directly as a result of this experience that could become burdensome (Cross) or test his faith (Cross). 

Another offer (Ring in Letter house) will come out of this quite possibly from a friend (house of Dog) that worked in the same place (Park).

If you re-read part 1, the Lenormand cards certainly spelled out this portion of the reading around.

2 thoughts on “Lenormand GT- Part 2/2. block of cards around the Heart + update

  1. Hi Seaqueen, I accidentally found your blog where you mentioned the Chatty Gypsy Cards and the missing author. Well, I am the one, Erica Delphi. You have a great website!

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