Lenormand GT- linking Significator cards. Part 1/2 + update

June 7.18 UPDATE ON READING in red font.

I was asked to do another GT reading for a middle-aged woman since the major situations from the last one have already materialized. She is in committed relationship. She is not currently working. Her boyfriend of 5 years continues to work. I decided to link the Significator cards in Part 1/2 before I proceed with studying the block of cards surrounding the Tree and Heart cards (Part 2/2). I will call the Lady ‘Ann’ and the Gentleman ‘Adam’. If you zoom into Ann’s GT you should see a larger version.

  • Linking definition:

  • locate the Significator’s card. Second card top row in second image.

  • note which house it falls in. For example: Lady sits in the Clover House in the image below

  • find that card and remember the House. For example: Clover card sits in the Coffin House in the image below

  • continue this process until to end up with the Significator card.

Note: Sometime you only link one card as you will see when we get to the Gentleman card. Other times you can use a dozen cards and often almost all of them. The latter takes a lot longer to study because you need to either write it down or draw lines which is not that easy to follow.

Messy linking lines  🙂  

I have written the linking numbers on the cards – that’s easier to follow.

There are 8 links. They are as follows:

  • LADY in Clover house
  • CLOVER in Coffin house
  • COFFIN in Scythe house
  • SCYTHE in Anchor house
  • ANCHOR in Rider house
  • RIDER in Lily house
  • LILY in Snake house
  • SNAKE in Lady house 
  • ➡ LADY in Clover house

It’s always a good idea to look at adjoining cards near the Significators for further clues. I tend to use one or two techniques when reading the GT. Ann might have a stroke of luck or be feeling pretty good-clover. It could also be a passing emotional high at the current time of the shuffle. This situation or feeling will come to an end-coffin. This end will occur unexpectedly-scythe and it might bruise her emotions. 

Since Ann is not working the Anchor card represents something stable or solid in her life. The Scythe card will try to penetrate this. One thing to remember that the cards can reflect her experience or reaction to something that Adam is undergoing. This is common in relationships because what affects your partner will no doubt affect you to some degree. Note that the Gentleman will be stepping into the Scythe card experience. (column 7)

Ann emailed me. ADAM WENT TO WORK TODAY saw his boss in the morning. He wanted to ask ‘her’ something in the afternoon and another employee said she’s gone. Adam asked, “What do you mean gone?”  He was told the boss was let go. Adam went into her office and her desk and all belongings were cleared out. 

Ann is worried for Adam’s job security as new owners are coming into the workplace.

Looks like there is some news-rider coming regarding some work-anchor. As we travel along the linking process we find the Rider card in the Lily house. Could harmony prevail after all? I think there is someone else involved in this equation. The King of Spades is an older man who sits in the Snake house. 

If we look at the Lady card it is stepping into it is the Mouse experience and ahead of her is the Cross card although she looks away from it. Something is brewing that’s for sure.  Ann is bothered by some situation which leads directly to the Snake card sitting in the bottom row column 2.

The King of Spades-lily and the Queen of Clubs-snake could be a couple they know. I think some situation will arise that will affect both Ann and Adam. 

There is one link for the Gentleman.

  • ➡ GENTLEMAN in Book house
  • BOOK in GENTLEMAN house
  • ➡ GENTLEMAN in Book house 

Adam is hiding something. He is not telling Ann everything. Note that the Scythe card is beside the Heart card. This is not going to be a good experience. The STARS card is behind the Gentleman implying he might be an idealist when it comes to his relationship. This would make it tough on Ann. Changes are being stirred up in the romance department -stork/heart. And so the saga continues…..

Stay tuned for Part 2/2 in a week or so where I will assess the Heart card’s entourage-block in purple in the above image. Also, I will look at the Tree card’s block of cards to determine the root of any potential problems. 

2 thoughts on “Lenormand GT- linking Significator cards. Part 1/2 + update

  1. Thanks for ‘cleaning up’ the jumbled orange links – from the Upper Grand Tableu Diagram. (( Would of made a confusing start and end )) Secondly, how you focused on the Significator to House Position with each of the eight links…helpful for those that are easily distracted.

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