simple Lenormand 3-card layout. Book + Ring + Heart = read on ….

I think three cards should give you a reasonable answer to an intended specific question. No matter how clear you state your questions the cards seem to answer what you are really asking. That is not one in the same in many cases. We think we want to know a certain thing but underneath it all it’s something different. Even some of our beloved clients are not always aware of what they really want to know.

I will pose a specific question to the cards.

QUESTION: Will Veronica secure the job she applied for last Friday? This is the question she asked me in an email this morning.  I haven’t heard from Veronica in years. Click the link to one of many posts about Veronica’s adventures in finding jobs.  ➡  Veronica

Interestingly, the cards fell in numerical sequence, well sort of 🙂 backwards.

Our opening card is the BOOK, followed by the RING and closing with the HEART card. It is always nice to see the Heart card near a more positive grouping.  For all intents and purposes the last card signifies the most probable answer. In this case, it is reasonable to predict an affirmative answer.

But, what else is going on if anything ? 

Veronica does not know everything about this job. But, she is not asking that she is asking if she will land the job. The Ring card shows a contract or commitment. It is possible Veronica will get the job only to find out the job description differs once it is finalized. 

Being accepted for a job position does not mean Veronica will take it. Is that what she is really asking? We need to answer the question posed to the cards. 

The Book card is revealing that an agreement is pending. The spine of the book faces away from open box containing the ring. This agreement can be a commitment of her securing the job. The Heart card indicates her emotions will be positive (initially). The Jack of Hearts faces the Ring card suggesting Veronica will be pleased. One should not forget that the Book card also contains information which may be held back by the employer. 

I would go ahead and tell Veronica she will land the job she applied for last Friday. My thought on this is whether or not she will accept the job. 🙂


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