Example of a 3-card Gipsy card reading

Happy Mother’s Day weekend 

At a recent Psychic & Wellness show I was gifted with a deck of Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten by one of the other readers. This particular deck has a similar design on the back as does the Rider Tarot. The texture of it is a linen feel. I don’t know the age of the deck or whether it is a reproduction or an original. It doesn’t really matter because I have quite a few versions of the Gipsy cards some with four languages and some with 6 languages.

I’ve been blogging on how to read this deck for over 12 years. During the summer of 2006 I had written a draft copy for an English handbook. A few years later I had an artist friend of mine create my own version of the Gypsy cards but in keeping with the ‘spirit’ of the traditional cards. It took us about two years to finish this project. I gave him detailed instructions via countless numbers of emails on what I want to see in the card image. The cards encompassed my years of experience and ended up being a masterpiece if I do say so myself. I may publish this deck in limited quantities to see how well it is accepted. Ok, onto the topic of today’s post.

I’d like to share a reading with this deck I received as a gift. Of course, I cleared it first as I do with all my decks whether they are old or new. I want to ask a question on behalf of a friend’s daughter. 

QUESTION: Should Cassie enroll her kids in another school come fall time.

Some Money + Jealousy + Gift 

BTW if you click the linked name you will be taken to the posts pertaining to that card.

The opening card SOME MONEY depicts some gain with the other school. Not all is known to Cassie at this time (closed purse). One of the concerns would be the adjustments the kids would need to make if any. The mirror in the image is telling Cassie to take a real hard look at the benefits of the school they are in currently (coins on table)

The JEALOUSY card is a bit odd to have with this question. I want to read this card to mean that perhaps one of the kids may fit in and the other one may not. This would cause some jealousy between the siblings if one had friends right away. I highly doubt this card means jealousy in the sense the image is portraying. There may be some third party interference that propelled this situation to change schools. For example: a teacher or student 

The final card GIFT should sum things up. There would be benefits at the new school but I’m not getting a resounding YES to this question due to the Jealousy card. I think the kids will be under scrutiny for some reason. I think Cassie should do some serious thinking before making this decision. 

What do you think?

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