Revisiting the Lenormand Grand Tableau from 2008.

Has ten years already passed since I did this Grand Tableau reading for my son?  I was truly amazed at the way I interpreted this layout a decade ago. Little did I know what I was writing. Now, I am able to share and provide feedback on my findings. Actually, I will copy and paste the entire reading below with my comments in red. I don’t have an image of the layout. I probably didn’t have a cell with a good camera in 2008, lol. I didn’t always carry my camera around with me either.

I must warn you today’s post is lengthy given it is a 36-card Grand Tableau with my thoughts on the cards ten years ago plus today’s additional feedback.

BTW just ignore the letter ‘i’ in front the cards not sure why that is there. Interestingly, I used the Fox card to indicate work situations. 

In the 1st column we have the recent past, perhaps within a week or so. In the 3rd column we have the imminent future, as in the next few days or weeks because the gentleman is in column 2 which represents the current time. Taking the first column of cards we have the stork (changes), whip (tensions), mouse (minor loses), bouquet (a dark haired female or general well being). These are only keywords.

  • iWHIP
  • iSTORK
  • iMOUSE

There was a situation in the past that induced changes whereby there were many discussions (whip). The fact that there is a card of loss (mouse) one must remember this is a slow process. It could be something as simple as “garbage talk”, what I mean by that is useless discussions over something that has brought about a change. Despite all that there will be a gradual happy outcome (bouquet). The bouquet suggests using charm and politeness in the face of adversity.

This was a personal relationship situation.

Column 2. The key points to a solution to the previous column’s theme. It will happen quickly (clover). The spats or arguments (whip) are short lived. While these spats may not be significant in nature, they are because of a recent change. In the 2nd column above the gentleman card are the key, clover and ship cards. Because these 3 cards are above his card the meanings of these cards are on his mind or weighing him down to some degree. All three cards indicate a positive theme.

The ship card above the gentleman can suggest someone going on a trip or being involved with the travel of a friend (dog in column 3). The ship card is also of escape (in one’s mind). There is a sense of longing for the gentleman in question, maybe for everything to just be back to the way it was.

  • ïKEY
  • ïSHIP

That year my son took a couple of long trips.

In column 3 the fox & fish cards indicate a situation about work that involves money. When the clover & fish are side by side it often suggests an increase in monies. It can be a raise in pay. The dog & fish can also be a friend or even a co-worker who is financially stable. The last card is the stars, a wonderful card in itself. The young may have one of his wishes fulfilled within a short time.

  • ïFOX
  • ïFISH
  • ïdog
  • ïstars

From what I remember there would have been an increase in pay from a job reclassification.

The gentleman is facing the stars card. What is ahead of him will be connected to a wish or something he really wants. The word reconciliation comes to mind or to reconcile something that can involve a friend. It’s a type of compensation. Compensation can come on an emotional level as well.

The ship & dog point to a friend at a distance or one that is away at the time of the actual shuffling of the cards which was 2 days ago. Clarity (star) is awaiting this young man. This means a more settled mind about something or a situation which could have been on his mind at the time of shuffling the cards. It’s definitely an advantageous outcome.

That is the core summary of those cards.

Looking for other combinations I see that the key & fish are touching. This means that there will be an improvement professionally. The stork & key indicate that some resolution will formulate. There is a solution (key) but not without some tension or conflict (whip). On a work level (fox) there could be a reward of some type (fish).  Additional duties with renumeration.

The bouquet & ship suggest a trip for this young man, something pleasing. If this is decided, it will cost more than it is worth (mouse), in other words more expensive than anticipated. There’s visitor (friend/family) from a distance (ship) and it looks like it could be an older man (fish-King of Diamonds). There is an element of luck or surprise (clover). A good time is shown (star). His father comes for a visit from another province. 

The mouse & bouquet also mean the young man is happy but it is a tired happy. Perhaps he is worried about trivial things. Don’t forget the mouse card expels what it eats away at in the preceding card.

Stork & key indicates that through change comes a solution or resolution. And luck (clover) is with the young man.

There is an excellent opportunity coming (clover & fox) through a job or career. There is a contract involved (key). A business trip (ship & fish) with a friend (dog) is likely. Probably connected to a technology conference in the States.

The other thing too is that because of a trip/travel (ship) the young man of the reading will gain more understanding (star) about a situation that was depleting him (mouse) on an emotional level.

Initially I scan the cards and do keywords. Then I go over the same cards and read them in different ways. The same 2 cards can have different meanings. This does not mean either combination is right or wrong – just different.

I will start with the bottom card, the ring. The reason for this is because the ring card lies in the horizontal row of the gentleman card in column 2- this is the young man’s probable future line. The cards above this row are contributing cards. AND because they are all above, that means that all the themes/influences have already been set in motion.

The ring card is about cycles, commitments, contracts etc. It is the very next card to the stars (clarity) card. This would have been a contractual project.

In column 4 we have the snake, rider, bear and ring card. The rider card brings messages, news or information. The snake card can represent a med-dark haired female, usually a family member but the colouring doesn’t matter that much. On one level the snake card is less positive in nature. The news could be disturbing. When you combine the fox & snake, it suggests a co-worker could be the source of some problem.

  • iSNAKE
  • ïRIDER
  • ïBEAR
  • ïRING

We live on multi-levels in our life. A sister, co-worker or person down the street can all be the snake card Queen of Clubs. The news (rider) seems to be about an older man (bear), a fatherly type of person. Because the dog & bear are side by side, it may be the “father”. Where does the ring card fit into all this? Good question.

This Snake card represented my mother. She became increasingly worried about my father. I was not aware of this situation at the time as to the true nature of what was going on.

One of the other meanings for the bear card is money or finances. When the bear & ring are together it strongly suggests a financial contract or commitment.

Ok back to the snake card. Delays and caution. Fox & snake has been known to represent some incident in the workplace that came out of the blue and was not anticipated. The news (rider) comes about this. It will be brought out into the open. Not sure of the timing of this but 4-6 weeks is reasonable. The suggestion to the young man is to THINK TWICE before reacting or responding to any news or information that will come about a situation that may or may not be related. I don’t think it is. There was stuff at work all the time given he dealt with established views about technology.

The card beside the ring card is the tower in the bottom horizontal row. These 2 cards have a meaning entirely different when in a combination. Something is hidden about a commitment or ‘verdict’. Could be anything at this point, and when the reading progresses it will unfold.

When a reading is done in the way I am doing it by explaining the techniques of reading the cards- the CONTINUITY or FLOW is lost- In a face to face reading, the cards merge and intuition plays a big role in the entire process. What I am doing is tearing the reading apart, card by card to demonstrate all the probabilities and possibilities.

The snake & rider can suggest an unexpected visitor or connection where caution should be used. When you don’t know someone , who is a friend of a friend- who knows who they are or their motives (if they have any or not). His sister came for a visit. The Snake’s other meanings did not apply to this prediction.

The rider & bear can indicate money coming in as well.

Someone definitely has an attitude problem (fox & snake & birds). 

Column 5 we have the birds, heart, lily and tower. There is romantic news coming (birds & heart). A matter close to the heart is discussed (rider & heart). I must say that in all my experience when I see the snake & heart cards close together my eyes widen. There is something that is not totally right. Sometimes people tell white lies to protect themselves or others. The snake & birds gives me the feeling of “sweet talk” filled with too much “sweet”. Hmm need to think about this combination in reference to the remaining cards.

  • ïBIRDS
  • ïHEART
  • ïLILY
  • ïTOWER

The rider & birds suggests a deep conversation about things relating to a relationship (heart). The rider & snake strongly suggest inaccuracy of something that is relayed. It is not the truth. The other cards surrounding the heart card are strong and whatever this is, it is a superficial and not to be taken seriously. The garden card is beside the heart card pointing to a smoothing out of everything. Actually this might be healthy in its own way (garden & tree).

This would have been a personal relationship.

The lily card, King of spades is usually an older man- maybe middle aged. A type of confidant, family member or a person that is a good listener, helpful for sure. It would be a major friendship (heart & lily) or one of importance for whatever the reason. Another connotation of lily & tower is a legal issue under discussion. The tower can represent a school, hospital, building, hotel, high rise apt. etc. In some cases it can depict  “loneliness” for this older man. The tree card does touch it and maybe he is sick or dealing with a health issue.

My father, his grandfather, suddenly took ill. 

In column 6 we have the garden, tree, lady and moon cards. The lady in question might very well be ill (tree) and depressed (moon) to some degree. A painful situation (heart & tree) causing temporary withdrawal (tower) and emotional instability (moon). The lily card is beside her – the man described in the above paragraph is linked to her.

This was my mother suffering over the fact my dad was ill.

  • ïTREE
  • ïLADY
  • ïMOON

The tree card is a time card and usually depicts 9-12 months. Some readers say that if the tree card is beside you that you are grounded and well balanced. Because I know what cards are in the next column I would have to say this does not apply for this young lady, as the scythe card touches her (more about that later). She may have a virus or infection (tree & scythe) or even a toothache. There is an ache of some sort.

The lady, was my mother, she died suddenly 6 months after this reading.

The birds & garden can suggest a party in the offing. A cocktail party or invitation to social gathering for the young man of the reading. The birds represent the number 2. Two functions within 2 weeks or 2 months. News about the mother (lady & moon) or affecting her emotionally.

This was my mom’s funeral. Not really party more like a ‘wake’.

NOTE: it is highly recommended not to analyze any health related matters to any great detail. There can be a mention and usually the person getting the reading is already aware to some degree.

The cards below point to strong evidence of a situation affecting a household. Different card combination confirm and say the same thing. As with anything – it could be something entirely different.

The reading is by no means is complete- it is only the nuts and bolts.

Like with an engine of a vehicle certain bolts fit certain parts perfectly, others will grind or squeak. Keeping in mind that the traditional meanings of the Madame Lenormand series of cards/meanings are dated from almost 200 years ago. However, we are still humans with similar experiences.

In those days, an incurable disease was any illness without proper medical treatments and attention that we are “lucky” to have in modern day. Like chicken pox or measles or high grade fever.

These columns contain some powerful cards suggesting ups & downs during the duration of the remainder of the reading.

I will try and pin point the timing. Just because the cards are at the end DOES NOT mean it is further into the probable future, it could happen next week or next month.

For example, typically the cross cards is 2-3 weeks and that card lies in the 2nd last row. The theme around the cross card will come to the foreground of the probable future. I say probable because most things can be controlled by how we think. Law of Attraction. Now if you have serious psychological baggage or old tapes playing over and over in your mind, you will get what you think. You cannot snap your finger and change how you think. BUT you have to really believe it and not fake it with positive affirmations that you do not feel in the PIT of your STOMACH!

Column 7 has the sun, scythe, house and clouds cards. Because the clouds card is in the bottom row it shows that there will be some minor disturbances of an emotional nature (moon in previous column) about a new (child) developing situation that will require a decision (path) to be made.

  • ïSUN
  • ïSCYHE
  • ïHOUSE

The house card is surrounded by the clouds & scythe and in column 8 the cross. Not the best cards in that they point to upheaval for “someone”.

The upheaval was the unexpected passing of my mom.

The house card is also the King of Hearts, a significant male in the family who is ill (tree) or will become suddenly (scythe) ill. I did mention before that the lady & moon cards also represents the mother. The mother of the male- there is a link here. There will be a loss of stability (scythe & anchor) around the home (house) of the mother. Something will occur to really upset the home front. In the next column we have mountain, anchor, cross and child. The anchor & cross suggests a great sadness or news of this , the letter is in column 9.

Yes, it was a profound sadness for the entire family. My dad became increasingly worse.

column 8

  • mountain
  • anchor
  • cross
  • child

In the last column (9) we have the book, coffin, letter and path cards. The anchor & coffin points to an incurable disease if one is to read it like that. The only thing that bothers me about this is that the book card is beside the coffin suggesting it is either a well kept secret or it is unknown at this point.

It was discovered why dad was ill. No-one picked up on his serious condition before this. He had an incurable disease.

  • ï COFFIN
  • ï BOOK
  • ïPATH

If I look at the top vertical row containing tree, scythe, anchor & coffin, I get shivers down my spine. All these cards indicated a serious health problem. There is definitely a huge obstacle (mountain) coming in relation to someone’s well being. The book and coffin actually suggest that some news is coming or will be revealed that points to an ending (coffin).

My father died 4 months after my mom did. All this showed up in my son’s reading.

The sun & scythe indicate a radical change in the young man’s life but towards a better situation. His happiness might be pierced.

The scythe & house suggest an abrupt change for the King of hearts (a family man). Confirmed as my dad but it could have been my son’s father having heart surgery. 

News of an inevitable end. (book & coffin).

A vital decision is confirmed. (path & letter)

A decision will have to be made because of a new development (path & child).

I find reading these last few columns unsettling because there is a very strong indication of some sudden incident that will upset the family about this King of hearts (family man). Already mentioned above.

The house & scythe is an upheaval in the family or an abrupt situation around a family man. Confirmed above.

The house & cross is definitely some sorrow within the family or about a family man. Confirmed above.

The house & clouds is major tension within a household.

The house & anchor is a place of rest. Most likely the funeral parlour. 

The clouds & cross suggests mourning. Confirmed above.

There are strong indicators that there will be a problem of paramount importance affecting a family situation. There just is no other way to read these cards that would shed any more promising meanings. Confirmed above.

The problem when using all 36 cards is that the cross, scythe, coffin, clouds, mountain etc show up somewhere in the reading. One observation of this layout is that they are bunched together which intensifies the possibility to a strong probability.

I foresaw the serious illness around an older woman I knew back in the fall of 2006- never ever thinking it would turn out to be a close female acquaintance who was an older woman. Honestly, I thought it was someone else. I really did not know or have any clue of who it was, I just knew I would be involved in some way and the information came through for me to know.

Sometimes you stare at the cards and they are trying to tell you something but you just don’t see it at the time of the reading. It is always good practice to review past readings. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, to study the cards after a situation materialized and secondly, to study the cards from a different perspective.

I would give this Grand Tableau an 90% accuracy.

It played out within one year from the time of the shuffle.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting the Lenormand Grand Tableau from 2008.

    • Hello. Thank you for your comment. For the most part one need not dig too deep to receive the guidance of the Lenormand. The GT I wrote about took many hours of study to arrive at all those findings. The better one knows the core/traditional meanings the quicker the ‘language’ is understood. How are you finding your Lenormand journey? Seaqueen

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