Tea Leaf fortune cards by Rae Hepburn

I was going through my categories to locate posts on the Tea Leaf fortune cards. Somewhere along the line whilst changing themes on the blog the category vanished. I purchased the cards/book set  in 2012 some six years ago. 

I was speaking about this system to an acquaintance last night and had flashbacks of when I did a close friend’s reading. Mind you it’s been a few years but all the better since we did the Coming One Year layout consisting of 60/200 cards. I remember writing out the reading (a habit of mine from the 1970’s). I hope she locates those many sheets because I would really like to review them against what did happen in her life/family/friends. She never throws out my readings until she checked off (or not) what I wrote in point form. I plan to write a post on those findings. Great feedback for sure. 🙂

I am a participant of Rae Hepburn’s FB group and suggest you join her if you have an interest. You can upload an image of your cup and she and/or other member provide an analysis of the symbols. Here is the link ➡  TEA LEAF reading and DREAM

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