Expanded version Gilded Reverie Lenormand in the Trigger layout

Today, I finally finished up (battling a bad cold/cough) the en gratis readings for the contest winners of the FB Lenormand Cards Community Page. I used the expanded version of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by ➡ Ciro Marchetti, distributed by ➡  U.S. Games Systems, Inc. to illustrate the Trigger layout.

I did three previous readings in a row with this deck and shuffled thoroughly before starting this reading.I was pleased that several of the additional cards appeared in the reading. This gave me an opportunity to write about them and to blend them with the standard 36 cards. I read the LWB’s descriptions of these additional cards and keeping the meanings in mind proceeded. Mind you my cartomancy intuition prevails as it always done.

The ➡  Trigger layout  is fun to do. I chose the Lady card in the YOU spot to represent the client (a female acquaintance Cindy). You can use a theme card in this spot. For example, if you want to know about a relationship use the HEART card or about a job use ANCHOR or whatever cards you use on a regular basis for such themes.

TRIGGER ROW: Compass, Lady, Time, Mask.

The woman is looking at the Compass card suggesting she has some direction in her life already.  The compass tip points to the Well and Dice cards. These two latter cards are an emphasis for the woman. More on those cards when I analyze the columns. Let’s see where her focus is by studying the PASSING column. One particular direction opens the Trigger row suggesting importance in the overall interpretation. There will be a timing factor involved which may end up being compromised.

PASSING: Moon, Compass, Dice.

Cindy may have recognized she was off course in the recent past. She has become more clear on where she wants to go. Too bad the Dice card is coupled with the Clouds as this points to a gamble (decision to pursue a goal) she decided on may not be crystal clear at first. Normally, I don’t read cards side by side except for the Trigger row but in this case my intuition guided me to consider the duo I mentioned. Whatever this is it is strongly linked to an emotional issue.

NOW: Well, Lady, Clouds.

The Well sits above Cindy indicating her gamble is about a situation that requires some soul-searching. Maybe she is taking a chance in a relationship or with a new job. I don’t know she provided no questions. This could be hard work for her and it’s obvious that there is lack of clarity since the clouds end the column. Is this situation wishful thinking rooted in uncertainty? Anytime you take a chance at something or someone there is an element of reasonable doubt. I like the Well card because it tells you to take a hard look at your situation or your motives. The Compass is telling her to really look deeply at her thoughts.

IMMEDIATE (1 month): Lily, Time, Clover.

I’ve always read the Lily card as a harmonious situation. The odd time I’ll some of the other meanings but the question needs to be specific. If the Time card combined with the Clover card suggests a short or brief time then this harmony will pass. Probably the peaceful situation will only last a month. The last column can attest to that.

SOON (3 months): Cross, Mask, Scythe.

And so the testing time will come.  In the Trigger layout the last card hold more power than the last card in the column. Mind you the Scythe will be experienced but more importantly the Mask’s influence will be more prominent. The Scythe is not always about shock or hurt it can be welcome. The Cross shows a burden of sorts which could be a blessing is disguise. Cindy might be facing some challenges to her new direction established in the PASSING column. If she was fantasizing she is in for a rude awakening because the veil of fantasy will be sliced off.

At this point you could draw a Clarification card and place it over the Lady card if you need more info on the theme of this reading. I picked the very next card off the discarded pile of cards.


So, it is a wish close to Cindy’s heart. This card confirms she has ‘stars in her eyes’ as the LWB suggests.  This means her timing might be off to pursue the direction she thinks she decided on.  What do you think?

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  1. Hi, I’m sorry, but I noticed a couple typo’s / grammatical issues I thought I should point out. This is probably not the right way to go about this, but I didn’t know how else to inform you, There’s still one more I couldn’t find once I went back. The sentences are *** The Cross shows a burden of sorts which could be a blessing is disguise. AND ***The odd time I’ll some of the other meanings but the question needs to be specific.
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