What if you pull a reversed Symbolon card? What do you do?

Every once in a while you may pull a reversed card in a system which is only read upright like the Symbolon deck. Most of you will turn the card upright. You can see if it is reversed by looking at the back of the card – the name will be upside down. I had this happen to me today. This inspired me to write a post about the possible interpretation of the reversed card and what it could mean. I know this is not the standard method of reading the Symbolon but this deck is not standard by other means either. For example, you do not pose yes or no questions. Creators: Peter Orban and Ingrid Zinnel.

To view all the cards close up in a video click the following ➡ LINK.

The question I presented to the Symbolon is not a yes or no question. It is a ‘why’ question. My question is:

WHY is a certain individual the CEO of a profitable business at this point in the company’s development. The company is doing ok but the members of the board want to increase sales. Stanley was recently hired and beat out a dozen very good candidates. 

First of all here is an image of the Master/Disciple card which fell reversed but I turned it upright for the purpose of further study. This card fell reversed as the outcome.

The 3-position reading is taken from the LWB which is included with the original 1993 printing. The image below is the actual reading.

Page 83. THE INQUISITION as the Problem card.

Page 74. THE STRATEGIST as the Way Through the Problem or Situation

Page 77. THE MASTER/DISCIPLE as the Outcome

Before I go on I want to address that the question is about Stanley and not the company. He beat out his competition for a reason. It’s important to apply the cards to the direct question. Sometimes we get carried away and apply the cards to a secondary issue. 

Problem: The Inquisition card. Stanley probably emitted a very confident front in the interview. He may have offered suggestions on how he can build the company over the years. He would be a tough CEO that would not overlook the workings of the employees and other managers. So, how is this a problem? Well, it’s not really because it reveals why he was hired. They wanted a man with that type of experience and expertise.  It could be a problem for everyone else though. 🙂

You could look at another level and say Stanley was bombarded with questions during the interview and passed the test.

Way through the Problem: The Strategist. Stanley probably has a good plan up his sleeve. He may have shared this with his interviewers. The question is whether or not Stanley can implement his plans. He needs to take everything he said and get moving on it.

You could look at another level and say the interviewers (company) needed a man who would go ahead and enforce a plan of action or policy.

Outcome: The Master and Disciple REVERSED: If the upright card indicates a con-man then wouldn’t the reversed be the opposite. Of course, there are other meanings for this card like being somewhere in the middle of being a talker and a doer. This card does have a practical level to it.

I think the reversed card means Stanley got hired because he knows when to listen and when to apply action (probably detailed on his CV – curriculum vitae). People applying for top positions don’t hand in resumes they are too brief.  

You could look at another level and say Stanley knows which outfit (master or disciple) to wear simultaneously in the role of CEO. 

How would you interpret these cards?

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